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5 easy Halloween costumes from vests New 2020

5 easy Halloween costumes from vests

When Whitney posted her easy babydoll dress tutorial and explained that it could double as a pirate vest, she inspired me to brainstorm other easy vest Halloween costumes. I love vests for their versatility in the costume box and the fact that they can fit longer than other tops.

She said that if you didn’t care if the vest closed (a la babydoll robe), you could easily upcycle an old sweater into a costume vest. That girl is brilliant.

Here are the easy peasy steps:

  1. Cut your sweater into two pieces like so.
  2. Sew the shoulders and sides together, leaving the armhole open.
  3. Cut down the middle for an opening (to make a tunic, leave it closed!)

  4. Voila – something new for Halloween or the costume box!

Please add your other vested ideas in the comments. Here’s a rainbow of ideas for you:

  • Cowboy, cowgirl – vest is red or brown, add hat, plaid shirt, jeans
  • Construction worker – vest is orange or yellow, add hard hat
  • Police officer – vest is blue or black, add badge
  • Pirate – vest is black, add eye patch, scarf, white shirt

If you’re ready to invest in my idea, you can follow either vest tutorial (with or without sash) for something worthy of one night of trick-or-treating.

Does anyone else remember the old Gap ad for Everybody In Vests? No? Just me? Okay then.

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