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5 gift ideas for LEGO lovers New 2020

5 gift ideas for LEGO lovers

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My house is slowly being overrun with LEGO. Don’t get me wrong, I’m happy about it. Most of the time.

We have other toys, of course, but nothing else comes close in terms of play value. Whereas the grandparents look at our stash and think, “these kids need some other toys!” I feel the exact opposite. Bring ’em on. (Although, for the love of all that’s holy, can we please organize them!!)

If you are also living the LEGO life, you will enjoy this three-part series on The Frog & Snail Society about the so-called LEGO problem:

Ah, LEGO. Most parents have a love/hate relationship with the things. On one hand, they’re undeniable awesome. On the other, keeping track of them, cleaning them up, sorting them, (often multiple times a day) can be a major source of headaches.

  1. buying too much (and finding more to do with the ones you have, yay!)
  2. organizing lego (self-explanatory but lovely post after my own heart!)
  3. what’s that brick? (figuring out which piece came from which set)

If your household would choose LEGOland over Disneyland, here are a host of gift ideas that might inspire you:

Sort ’em

Box4blox – a sorting tray system that sorts your LEGOs as you put them away so that the tiny pieces are together while the medium ones and the larger ones stay with their own kind as well. If you have a small collection, this could be used for storing as well, but we are beyond that chez moi.

Build your collection for pennies

Try eBay for basic bricks with maximum versatility. Any set with better than $0.10/brick pricing is a good deal. Pick up a copy of The LEGO Ideas Book to go along with your haul.

Did you know that you can wash used well-loved bricks in the dishwasher? Use a lingerie bag with fine mesh to keep tiny pieces together.

LEGO playtable

This clever play table does double duty as a train table. Based on the size, it is probably a great option for smaller LEGO aficionados. If you’re handy, we have DIY LEGO table instructions.

Thematic accessories

Unlike other licensed characters (which shall remain nameless), I have not yet gotten my fill of those cutie patootie mini figures. LEGO headlamp and Yoda alarm clock? Adorable (or perhaps adorkable since that’s a word now)!

More guys (and gals)

You can never have too many LEGO mini-figures. You can purchase them individually for stockings or in larger multi-packs that would be perfect for my son the great pretender. I love this hairpiece kit for turning more characters into girls.

One final note: If your family collection of bricks and specialty pieces is driving you insane, see also 54 clutter-free gift ideas for all members of your family!

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