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5 Money Mistakes You’re Making at Warehouse Stores

5 Money Mistakes You're Making at Warehouse Stores

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1. Buying in Bulk

While you might have been told buying in bulk will save you money at warehouse stores that isn’t always the case.

Some items may be a steal while others might not be as good as a deal as you think.

When you are deciding to buy something at a warehouse store make sure you do the math to figure out the price unit. Then compare that price to what you would pay at another store to determine what would be the overall price for your purchase.

2. Free Samples

I always love enjoying free samples when shopping at our local Costco. It’s often a popular perk when shopping at warehouse stores too.

However, did you ever know why they offer free samples? There is actually a marketing strategy behind it to make you spend more.

Free samples have been known to influence shoppers to overspend by creating an urge for you to buy the product you just sampled. There have been studies that show stores that offer free samples can actually boost their sales by almost 30%! 

3. Using Bigger Shopping Carts

There are no hidden secrets that big shopping carts are used at warehouse stores.

Warehouse stores know if there is more space in your cart then you are likely to toss more into your cart and spend more.

So make sure you are mindful when of everything you put in your shopping cart next time!

4. Limited Time

By offering items for a limited time, or during a seasonal time, many shoppers sometimes feel obligated to purchase an item they might be on the fence about.

The prices are often low and it often makes it hard to resist for shoppers. However, a shiny deal can really lead you to overspend with unplanned purchases.

5. Front and Center

The interior design of the store is thought-out strategically. You will find that discounted items are often front-and-center when you walk right in the store.

Often these discount items can induce shoppers to splurge on bigger expensive items that they may not need. If you are tempted with impulse buys then keep your head down when you walk in, stick to the outer edges of the store, and focus on purchasing only the items on your shopping list.

How do you save money are your favorite warehouse store?

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