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5 Month Old Baby Development New 2020

5 Month Old Baby Development

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Your Growing Baby

Prepping for the Major Milestones

Some of the biggest milestones, including crawling and talking, are still several months off, but now is when your baby starts to really gear up for them. For instance, most babies start to crawl between 9 and 12 months of age, but a baby as young as 6 months might start to creep, roll, or scoot to get around — another step in his never-ending quest to be mobile.

Similarly, you might not hear a first word till 12 or 15 months, but your baby’s coos might have turned into babbling, complete with consonant-vowel connections that sound surprisingly like real words. He’ll happily explore and expand his made-up language, letting his voice rise and fall over the sounds. The more you talk with him and encourage him, the happier he’ll be to supply a new “word.” Luckily, your baby has become super expressive, letting you know by his sounds or the look on his face whether he’s feeling happy, sad, bored, scared, or shy. Reading his face and his tone of voice will help you figure out just what he’s trying to say.

Your baby’s fine motor skills are improving, as well. He might reach out his arms when he sees you bend down, his way of saying, “Pick me up!” Your baby might also begin switching small toys from one hand to the other, a precursor to throwing a ball (not to mention sharing).

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