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5 Reasons to Kickstart Your Day With Pour-Over Coffee ”

A German named Melitta Bentz invented pour-over coffee in 1908. While other methods have popped up in the last hundred-plus years, the pour-over method is still one of the best ways to make your morning coffee.

What is pour-over coffee? Let’s take a look at how it works and what makes it so good.

What Is Pour-Over Coffee?

Pour-over coffee is exactly what the name says — you make coffee by pouring hot water over the coffee grounds. The grounds sit in a filter that lets the coffee through to the cup or pot below without any of the grounds making their way through with it.

1. Pour-Over Coffee Is Faster Than Most Coffeemakers

Pour-over coffee is quick and easy to make. Just grind some beans, put them in the pour-over coffee filter, and pour hot water over them.

The best gooseneck kettle lets you dial in the temperature for the perfect cup of coffee. The whole process takes less than 5 minutes.

2. You Get More Control Over the Brew

Of all the ways to make coffee, pour-over gives you the most control.

You can adjust the temperature, use different shapes and drip speeds of pour-over makers, adjust the coarseness of your coffee grind, and more to get it exactly the way you want.

3. Brings Out the Flavors in the Coffee

Pour-over filters have very fine filtering so you don’t get the oils and sludge that some brewing styles create. This lets the flavors in the coffee beans shine through in the final product.

If you’ve ever wondered what all the talk about notes of fruits, chocolate, and other flavors are in a cup of coffee, it will make more sense when you try the pour-over method.

4. Pour-Over Coffee Makers Are Small and Portable

Pour-over coffee makers are about the same size as the filters you would use in a typical coffee maker. But instead of having a large machine around the filter, that’s the only piece you have to worry about.

It’s easy to take a pour-over maker to the office, take it camping, or take it anywhere else you might want to make a good cup of coffee. As long as you have access to hot water, you’ll be all set.

5. Turns Making Coffee Into an Exercise in Mindfulness

Pour-over coffee doesn’t take long to make but you need to be present the whole time. You can’t just push a button and walk away.

This makes it an ideal exercise in mindfulness to get your day started. You can take a few minutes every morning to enjoy the silence while you brew an amazing cup of coffee.

You Don’t Need to Spend Much to Test Pour-Over for Your Morning Coffee

What is pour-over coffee going to cost to make? It might be one of the best ways to make coffee but it’s also one of the cheapest.

You can buy a simple pour-over maker for a few dollars so there’s no excuse not to try it.

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5 Reasons to Kickstart Your Day With Pour-Over Coffee

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