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5 Unisex Baby Shower Ideas

5 Unisex Baby Shower Ideas

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5 Unisex Baby Shower Ideas ”

The best part about attending a unisex baby shower is that nobody knows whetherthe baby is  a boy or girl — including the parents!. There’s something unique about parents choosing to wait until after their baby is born to find out the gender. It may seem a little difficult to shop for a  baby gift when you don’t know  if  the baby is a boy or girl. If you find yourself having a hard time picking out the perfect gift, here are a few ideas that will work for both genders. 

Diaper bag

Every parent needs a diaper bag. The best part about diaper bags is that few parents choose a diaper bag based on the gender of their baby. Instead, moms usually pick the bag that matches their style. For instance, a leather diaper backpack at Azaria not only comes in a variety of stylish designs, it also comes in neutral tones of brown, grey, and even black for the super chic mama-to-be. 

Swaddle blankets

Because you can never have enough swaddle blankets for a newborn, these blankets are always a good gift idea. The trick is to shop for neutral colors and patterns. Baby swaddle blankets at Sandstone Avenue has  several  blankets to  choose from.. Sand  is a cream color, their Modern Polka-Dot pattern is silver and white, and their Lights of Promise swaddle blanket has a  pattern of little suns. Tans, light greys, and whites are  perfect for either a boy or girl.

Baby blender

Once the baby reaches their six-month milestone, their pediatrician will give them the green light to start eating solid foods. The Magic Bullet Baby Bullet Baby Care System is a great way for parents to blend up fruits and vegetables for their little one. The kit includes a couple of different blades, a blender, and small date-dial containers to store extra baby puree for different days of the week. It doesn’t matter if it’s a boy or girl with a gadget like this!

Baby Brezza formula maker

This is another tool  to make a parent’s life easier. For those midnight feedings, this formula maker fixes  a bottle at the perfect temperature with a push of a button. It dispenses the correct amount of formula to water. Each  bottle is made to the perfect temperature setting. Now you don’t have to worry about waiting for the bottle to cool while the baby cries. This gift is on the pricier side but worth every penny for formula-fed babies. 

Newborn tub

To make bath time easier for new parents and comfortable for baby, choose a bathtub that has an attachable infant sling. A sling allows the baby to lie safely in the tub. Parents can reach for soap or keep one hand free to bathe and shampoo their baby. These bathtubs come in gender specific colors and in neutral tones, too. An all white or white-and-gray tub would be great  for either gender. 

Not only are these gifts gender-neutral, they are useful basics that every parent will be excited to receive..

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5 Unisex Baby Shower Ideas

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