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5 Week Old Baby Development New 2020

5 Week Old Baby Development

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Your Growing Baby

A Real Smile

Your baby is gearing up for a huge, heart-melting milestone: Her first social (not gas-inspired) smile. Because she learns to mimic your expressions, grinning wildly at her can help nudge this adorable accomplishment along — not that you need any incentive to do that.

Your baby’s getting used to terra firma more and more each day — and you might notice her body finally starting to unfurl. Five weeks out of the womb now, she’ll start to spend less time curled into fetal position as she begins to stretch out her legs, spread her arms, arch her back, and straighten her fingers. She’s also building stronger core muscles, which means that her head is less wobbly; she might soon start to briefly lift it off the floor when she’s lying on her back or belly. To help her overall muscular development, aim for 15 minutes a day of tummy time. Place her tummy-down on a blanket, with enough toys spread in front of her that she’ll be inspired to take a gander at them. If she fusses, lie down next to her and tickle her back; your presence will likely calm her right down. Be forewarned: Plenty of babies hate tummy time. But sticking with it, even for a few minutes at a time, strengthens your baby’s neck, torso, and arm muscles, and paves the way for pushing up and rolling over, milestones you’ll see in the next three or four months.

Spending time in a bouncy seat, in a stroller, in your lap, or on your hip is a great way for your baby to hang out, too. Each is a mini workout of different muscle groups. Plus, as your baby gets more interested in the world around her, she’ll appreciate the ever-changing view.

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