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51 Week Old Baby Development New 2020

51 Week Old Baby Development

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Your Growing Baby

What a Year

It’s been a busy year for your baby! She’s approximately 50 percent taller than she was at birth and has tripled her weight. The average 12-month-old (is there any such thing?) tips the scales at about 22 pounds and is about 30 inches in height. After this point her growth will drop off dramatically. And that’s a good thing — if she kept shooting up at this rate, she’d weigh, well, a lot, by the time she turned 5!

By now she’s probably pretty good at climbing up and down stairs, and she might be able to stand without having to pull up on something; she simply crouches in a cute little squat position and pushes herself up. Once she masters standing wobble-free, she’ll begin to try squatting to pick things up, sticking her bottom out and very slowly bending down. Some kids this age are also able to take several steps on their own. It won’t be long now until she’s really walking, if she’s not already.

The Perfect Birthday Gift

Looking for some age-appropriate toys for your baby’s first birthday? To your child, almost anything is a toy, so look beyond the plastic playthings and into the kitchen aisle, with its stacking measuring cups, noisy teaspoon sets, and long-handle spoons. The best toys teach babies about size, shape, and color, as well as big-picture concepts such as in-and out– and offer plenty of chances to practice hand-eye coordination and other important fine motor skills.

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