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52 Super Fun Things to do with Toddlers [Easy & Fun Activities] New 2020

52 Super Fun Things to do with Toddlers [Easy & Fun Activities]

Many of you have followed our list of 52 things to do with a baby and are hungry for more. What happens after Week 52? Voila. 52 things to do with toddlers before they turn 2. We are going to take a look at some fun and simple activities to do with toddlers both indoors and out and about.

52 Super Fun Things to do with Toddlers [Easy & Fun Activities]

Things to do with toddlers

More weekly challenges and ideas.

Toddlers possess the amazing ability to simultaneously demonstrate knowledge of how the world works AND cluelessness about their role in it. (Sorry Sweetie, Mommy is not going to help you push the stove out of the way so that you can ride your plastic car through that part of the kitchen.) No longer satisfied by an activity gym on the floor, they are ready for some more exciting activities.

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Here are some that we like for the crazy toddler age group:

A helpful list of things to do with toddlers

Indoor activities for toddlers

These are handy things to do with toddlers when you need to make a phone call or complete an online purchase without someone hanging off your body.

  1. Sitting in front of an open cupboard or drawer full of plastic storage containers and messing around with them.
  2. Hunkering down in an unexpected place, such as inside the closet or under a table. Throw a sheet over it to make it special. {tips for a better blanket fort}
  3. Squeezing and squishing play-doh. Fear mess? Keep the playdough in a sealed baggie while your child handles it.
  4. Drinking toddler tea out of a real ceramic cup (add lemon or a shake of cinnamon to warm water). We love this gender-neutral set for pretend play and real use.
  5. Turning regular shoes into tap shoes, and back again.
  6. Gathering all the washcloths in the house and laying them out in various patterns. “Shoot it out!” my daughter used to say. Washcloths are more manageable for little ones than baby blankets, but blankets are a good time, too.
  7. Playing with magnets on a cookie sheet or metal bucket.
  8. Helping sweep up with a little dust pan.
  9. Placing different lengths of Scotch Tape or masking tape onto paper or the side of a box.
  10. Sitting in a box. Yep.
  11. Taping up a train track on the rug. Choo choo.

    indoor activities for toddlers

  12. Getting silly with finger puppets.
  13. Playing hopscotch inside.
  14. Organizing small objects, like Cheerios, in a muffin tin.
  15. Creating a felt food feast.
  16. Pouring water between containers at the kitchen counter (AKA potching)
  17. Trying on all the hats in the house.
  18. Removing everything from the bookshelves. Maybe putting them back. {create playzones on your bottom shelves before she does}
  19. Sticking and unsticking stickers! On the paper, on your shirt, on your cheek. Hooray.
  20. Playing in a ball pit from your old pack n play.
  21. Helping grind coffee beans (or is this just my kid?).
  22. Tearing up paper – use old magazines or newspaper.
  23. No-mess finger painting.
  24. Find your inner musicians – Toddlers love banging pots and pans really loud. Or if you don’t want that much noise, have a dance party. 
  25. Solving puzzles like these simple ones.
  26. Running trains over the tracks you put together.
  27. Exercise/Yoga – All my kids loved to exercise with me. They would try all my yoga moves and then sometimes try to do their own “versions” of working out. Be prepared, they do get distracted so have a bucket of cars or toys for them to play with so you can keep your workout going.

For Even More Indoor Activities check out our Top Fun & Educational Things to do with Toddlers Post!
Also, check out our Favorite Toys for 2 Year Olds.

Outdoor things to do with toddlers

things to do with toddlers

  1. Discovering how chalk works on the ground outside
  2. Playing hide-and-seek with small toys or fruit from a tree, Easter Egg-style. (Give your child a bucket to collect the items you’ve “hidden” at the park or in your yard).
  3. Throwing. This simple act never gets old. “Let’s go to the park and throw sticks at the bushes!”
  4. Going anywhere in a bike trailer.
  5. Collecting rocks into a container. Stacking rocks. Lining up rocks. I’m surprised they don’t sell rocks at Toys R Us. I bet someone has tried.
  6. Pouring water in and out of a large container. My daughter could play endlessly with water and loves pouring water in and out of glasses.
  7. Starting a butterfly garden.
  8. Playing fetch with stomp rockets or other “blast-off and chase” toys

toddler things to do

Outings for moms with toddlers

  1. Home Depot or other massive hardware store. Check out the light switches, the door bells, the orange cones. Basically every thing your kiddo enjoys seeing in the world around him is sold there. Look at all those potties!
  2. Public Library. Since other people’s toys and books are more fun than your own, this is a place to enjoy them for an hour or two. No pressure to buy anything!
  3. Zoo, time to think about a membership, mama.
  4. Elementary school playground, watch some big kids or test your daredevil.
  5. IKEA. If you’re lucky enough to live near one, here’s a list of why it’s awesome for parents.
  6. Chase the garbage truck! Some days are easier to get out of the house when you know your garbage routes.
  7. Children’s museum (save money on membership when you follow our tips).
  8. Pitch a tent at REI or Bass Pro Shops
  9. Sip pretend coffee at a kid-friendly cafe. (It’s called steamed milk, and they’ll make it not-too-hot if you ask.)
  10. Visit your friend’s house, where the toys are fresh and novel.
  11. Go Anywhere with trains. – A train is like magic to a toddler and if you can ever travel anywhere by train with your kids, it is truly the best way to travel.
  12. Push a doll stroller or drag a wagon around the block. Even better, find a friend with a baby in a stroller and let your toddler push her stroller on the World’s Slowest Walk.
  13. Get Cultural with food – Visit an Ethiopian or sushi restaurant where eating with your hands is worldly.
  14. Indoor play space with climbing, bouncing and toys you don’t need to keep at home. I love heading to Gymboree classes with my little one.
  15. Bus ride, round trip.
  16. Take a class together.
  17. Botanical garden with leaves to touch and bugs to chase.
  18. Visit a local toy store is one of the great things to do with toddlers, however, keep your wallet hidden, why not teach now that a store is like a museum of cool stuff to admire? I love the smaller toy stores versus a target because the toys are usually unique and very hands on. Plus, then I don’t end up spending a bundle at Target 😉

Bonus – Tips for Entertaining Toddlers while out and about!

Sometimes we are out and about and it is not for our toddler (shocking, I know). Here are some great ways to keep things to keep in your purse to entertain your toddler while waiting in lines or at places that they won’t love.

  • Bubbles –  I always keep bubbles in my purse. It is an instant 15 minutes of distraction
  • Pull Back Cars – These are great and will keep your child entertained, but make sure those cars don’t go too far.
  • Toy Characters from a favorite movie – Characters like Mickey and other Disney characters are another great way to buy some time when you need your kiddo entertained for 10-15 minutes.

Have Questions or Need More Tips – Leave a comment below?


Pin for Later – Things to do with toddlers [52 Excellent Activities]

Many of you have followed our list of 52 things to do with a baby and are hungry for more. What happens after Week 52? Voila. 52 things to do with toddlers before they turn 2. We are going to take a look at some fun and simple activities to do with toddlers both indoors and out and about. #toddlers #parentingtips #parentingtipsfortoddlers #fun #babytips

52 activities to do with toddlers


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Frequently Asked Questions

What can you do with toddlers? 

  • Build a fort
  • Play-Doh
  • Play with magnets on a cookie sheet
  • Give them an old box to play in
  • Create a sensory bin
  • Finger painting
  • Mommy and Me Yoga
Should a two-year-old know colors? 

Your child will start recognizing colors around 18-months-old, but they may not begin to recognize their names until around 3 years old. Two is a good age to start playing games that involve colors. 

Where can I take my two-year-old for fun? 

2-year-olds are great little adventurers and can tag along with you just about anywhere. The park, the zoo, the mall, or just out for a drive. 

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