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6 favorite finds at The Biggest Baby Shower New 2020


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Thanks to Big City Moms for sponsoring this post and allowing me to browse through all the baby products a new mom could want. This post includes affiliate links.

Biggest Baby Shower by Big City Moms

I attended The Biggest Baby Shower event in San Francisco, which is hosted by Big City Moms, and in addition to sharing the stage with Dr. Harvey Karp as a guest speaker, I spent time navigating the bustling aisles of baby products and services, which ranged from innovative and stylish (nursery decor) to practical (diapers and life insurance).

Here are some of the items I won’t forget, either because I fell in love with them myself or because the moms who had tried them couldn’t. stop. raving.

P.S. If you have a chance to go to a Big City Moms event, do it! I came home with an overflowing bag of goodies.


Savor keepsake storage boxes 

A creative solution to the baby book that never gets finished, Savor has introduced a modern, elegant system of drawers, folders, and boxes that fit neatly on a bookshelf. The included stickers allow parents to custom label the drawers and folders.


Also from Savor, a similarly smart design for older children.

I’m a believer in the idea that keeping these lovely boxes within reach instead of in the garage, which is where we currently keep a “memory tub” for each child, will encourage better organization. Favorite birthday cards, school pictures, and ticket stubs will all have a labeled folder, stored safely in these cloth-covered fileboxes, which look like books on your shelf. See pricing details >

Babyganics dryer balls

I did not know dryer balls from, uh, you get the idea. But the way the women surrounding the Babyganics table were talking about dryer balls, well, I just had to get some.


Goodbye, dryer sheets!

You use the same three wool balls in your dryer for about a year. My math is based on the 1000-load recommendation. I don’t even know what to expect, but I can’t wait to do laundry tonight. (Kidding! My husband does all the laundry, silly! I can’t wait to smell my towels tomorrow.) See what dryer balls look like >

ChooMee Spoons

For new self-feeders, these silicone “spoons” are ideal. Toddlers can jab at their food, and the flexibility of the spoon will absorb the force of their willful little hands, rather than send the bowl flying off the table or tray.


The splatter shaped die-cut in the middle allows more food to stay balanced in the spoon, no matter which direction the child directs toward their mouths. The same company makes a topper for food pouches that prevents messes as well. That pouch-spout product also comes in candy-colored silicon to make chewing it safer. See that one, too  >

Parasol Co diapers

Hello, adorable diapers! I mean, who needs pants anymore? Beyonce has raised this as a legit question.


Parasol is dedicated to making super soft diapers, which they compare to underwear in terms of texture. Ultra-absorbent, they assured me overnight use is no problem. So, how do you get them? Subscription boxes delivered to your house are available, and there’s a trial package offer on the Parasol website. Or, add a package to your Amazon cart >

Baby food subscription services

There seems no end to the number of subscription services targeted at people who have trouble leaving the house, ie rookie moms. Soon none of us will be able to leave the house because our path to the doorway will be obstructed by cardboard shipping boxes.

The first company that intrigued me with their baby food delivery program is Raised Real. Customers who get on board asap will get a steamer/puree appliance in their first shipment along with the fresh fruit and veggie packets assembled by Raised Real. “Farm to high chair in ten minutes,” they promise.


photo: Raised Real

Founded by a nutritionist, it’s all about the best food for your baby.

Once Upon a Farm, also using the phrase “from farm to high chair”, makes purees in pouches and delivers them in subscription boxes. Due to the fresh ingredients, the pouches must be refrigerated.


Build a free trial pack on their website to try out the service, or look for them in Whole Foods. Or toss some in your Amazon cart >

Amara baby food is actually not a subscription and breaks the pouch mold with a different format of baby food. Packets of powdered fruits, veggies, and grain combos are designed to be mixed with breast milk or formula, or even water, to quickly produce purees.


The women working the Amara table at The Biggest Baby Shower told me they even throw the powders into their own smoothies. Hey, easy kale!

Britax convertible carseat for dummies

Ok, Britax has a better name for this unique carseat installation: ClickTight.


Basically the part of the seat the child sits on can be lifted up (before you put them in it) and the vehicle’s seat belt goes through the base, as if it were a person’s lap. Then the top layer comes down and clicks in place. The seat is installed. It is totally impressive, and I definitely did not explain it as well as Rachel did when she demonstrated it at the Britax booth.


But for the love of god, don’t miss the February baby prices on Amazon for these carseats because they are on super sale and you can watch a video of how the installation works for each model.


The next Biggest Baby Shower events are March 7 in Los Angeles and April 6 in Dallas. (Use code ROOKIE to get a $10 discount on your ticket!)

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