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6 reasons CVS is awesome for parents New 2020

Get the most out of CVS

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Thanks to CVS for sponsoring this post as part of the launch of their new vitamin line: RADIANCE. Scroll down to find the giveaway!

Things to love about CVS

When my husband’s company handed out CVS ExtraCare cards, and I added the little one to my keychain, I was only partially informed about the good things that were in store for me. I already used CVS as a pharmacy, but there are quite a few things to love about it, including the fact that the massive drugstore chain recently walked away from millions of dollars in revenue when they stopped selling cigarettes. Here are six reasons parents should add CVS to their list of go-to stores.

1. We can’t remember everything. When I realize I need the unique combination of wipes, cupcake liners, and milk at 9.30 pm, CVS is open. Check the website, as some of the stores are open until midnight, while some are open until 10 pm.

2. We lose things.  Laura Bliel, mom of three in Champaign-Urbana says, “They send out great coupons. 25% off? Don’t mind if I do!” I cannot keep track of coupons. When you walk into CVS, however, you can swipe your membership card or key chain at the red machine and it will print out all the coupons and points you’ve earned on the card. That way, if you’ve lost all of them, now you know what you have earned before you start shopping.

Get the most out of CVS

3. We can’t remember everything. Did I already say that? I can’t remember. CVS has a new line of vitamins called radiance PLATINUM, which includes everything from folic acid to St. John’s Wort (a supplement that helps with positive moods) and even chocolate-flavored superfood drink mix. Post-kids, taking vitamins is one more thing you can do to help with memory, focus, and concentration. Keep your brain healthy, mamas! But if you are more concerned with skin and nails, those things can benefit too. Yay for preservative-free organic vitamins like these!

How to get the most out of CVS

4. Our things disappear. I have to buy a new black eyeliner about every six months. Not because I’ve used it up, but because all of a sudden, I will not be able to find it. CVS to the rescue.

5. Date night. When my husband and I go to a movie — and I’m not sure it’s a good idea to document this practice in a public forum — we often stop at CVS for candy to hide in my purse before we hit the theater. Sorry, locally-owned theaters. I am usually a better person than this. Or sometimes I am. Silicon Valley blogger Becky Taylor told me she buys beer exclusively at CVS because of the great prices. Who knew?

6. No-cost flu shots. My kids go to the pediatrician for their flu shots. But where do I go? I can’t deal with a doctor’s appointment for this annual task. The CVS Minute Clinic will hook up parents who want a flu shot and they will deal with your insurance. It took me ten minutes fill out a short form and get a flu shot. The lesson? Wear a tank top and cardigan when you get a shot in public or you will be pulling your arm out of the neck of your sweater dress.

Getting a free flu shot at CVS

Getting the most out of CVS

And you can win!
One winner will receive prize from CVS valued at $100:

  • $25.00 CVS Gift Card
  • CVS Radiance Platinum Gift Basket (ARV $75.00) which includes:
    • Radiance PLATINUM Vitamin E Oil
    • Radiance PLATINUM Fish Oil
    • Radiance PLATINUM Vitamin D
    • Radiance PLATINUM Probiotic
    • Radiance PLATINUM Women’s Multivitamins.

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Disclosure: I’m proud to partner with CVS/pharmacy for this “radiance ”“ Shine Inside and Out” campaign. I am being sponsored to help lead this campaign, but all opinions expressed are my own, and all product claims or program details shared should be verified at or with the appropriate manufacturers.

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