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6 Tips To Pack Baby Clothes Like A Pro For Travel ”

Traveling with a baby can be a stressful experience. They are fuzzy, and the commotion makes them uncomfortable most of the time. As parents, the best we can do is have the babies’ basic needs covered and pack whatever they may use most efficiently.

There are a few tips and tricks on packing and what to take on a trip when traveling with a baby. In general, the main concern will be how appropriate the clothes are for the weather, and how to pack the baby clothes.

Pay attention to the weather: 

Temperature is a very important aspect to consider when planning the baby’s clothes to travel. Think about how the weather is outside, and how it will be at the place you are planning to go. For example, if it is snowing at home, but you are traveling to a summer place, make sure to pack clothes appropriate for both kinds of weather.

Do Laundry beforehand:

Unless you are going to a family member’s or friend’s house, it is likely you won’t be able to do the laundry right away. That is why you must have all the clothes clean and ready to wear. Bring bags to separate clean clothes from dirty or stained items. 

Buy cheap baby clothes 

Another tip is to go for cheap baby clothes, as many might get stained, and spoiled. Another reason to buy affordable baby clothes is the fact you may go to a place with different weather than your home. Once you are back home, it’s unlikely that the clothes will be useful to you when the weather comes around. 

Baby Clothes to Pack:

The best and most useful items will be rompers, onesies, little t-shirts and pants. These garments can be used in the summer as a one-layer item, or in the winter as an undershirt. Easy baby boy summer clothes are shorts, and tank tops, combined with a hat, and sunglasses. Baby girls can wear the same, but you can add some cute little dresses to the summer clothing repertoire.

Baby boy clothes in the winter will be very similar to baby girl clothes. The main difference between both will be the colors, and patterns you decide to choose. Cardigans, sweaters, and long-sleeve flannel shirts are a winter staple. If you are traveling from a snowy location, make sure to pack at least one, plus the one the baby travels with. On the way back, you will have a clean item to change your little one into.

There are plenty of onesies with footies, but if it’s very hot, thin socks might be a better choice, as you can take them off if you feel the baby is too hot. Some thicker socks can be put on top of the onesies for extra warmth in the winter.

Fold the clothes efficiently

There are many tips on how to fold children’s clothing. Marie Kondo, the Japanese tidiness fanatic, has a good share of her own favorites. The most important to remember, regardless of the method you select is:

  • Organization: Fold and put away in a way you can easily find any garment.
  • Efficiency: Fold in a way that the clothes stay wrinkle-free, and occupy the least space.
  • Itemize: Separate the baby’s garments depending on the weather, and the garment. Having different bags or separators in the travel bag will make this job very easy. 

 Having an organized travel bag when having a baby will make the difference between a swift change of clothes or a bad experience.

How to fold baby clothes by Marie Kondo

Clothing is not all that matters: 

Sometimes, as parents, we focus too much on the baby’s most obvious needs: diapers, creams, clothing, and food. There is, nonetheless, one more very important need you mustn’t overlook, play. Depending on how old your baby is, items to have your little one distracted will be very important.

Newborns are usually sleeping, and won’t need much to stay calm. But, as your baby gets close to the one-year-old and above, some toys and activities will be a life-saver. Crayons, coloring books, sensory bags, puzzles, anything you are sure will entertain your baby is more than welcome to join the trip. Keep it simple and select only what will engage them the most. 

The Bottom Line

Like Robert Schuler said: “Spectacular achievement is always preceded by unspectacular preparation”. The little things you can do before the trip is what will ultimately make your family have a good time. Take the time to prepare in advance, and enjoy the trip with your little ones.

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6 Tips To Pack Baby Clothes Like A Pro For Travel

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