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7 Festive Fall Party Ideas to Throw

7 Festive Fall Party Ideas to Throw

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1. Apple Picking Party

Go with family and friends to a local apple orchard for a fun day of apple picking. It’s a great way to enjoy the crispy fall weather and the harvest picking. You can make tons of recipes with the apples you picked, such as apple pie, caramel apples, or fresh apple cider.

Don’t forget to take pictures at the apple orchard! These are great to share on social media with your family and friends online. And capture a fun-filled day for a memory keepsake.

2. Pumpkin Decorating Party

You can skip the traditional pumpkin carving party and decorate pumpkins instead!

Buy small pumpkins or tell everyone to bring their own. Then decorate the pumpkins with paint, glitter, leaves, and whatever creative items you can think of. 

This is fun for all ages, so perfect for old and young kids and even parents.

You can still opt-in to the old classic craving pumpkin party too!

3. Fall Cookie Party

Decorating fall cookies is another fun party idea to throw. You can get the kids involved easily by baking sugar cookies during the party or ahead of time to save yourself some time.

Use seasonal cookie cutters such as leaves, apples, pumpkins, and more. Have a variety of flavors and colors for icing. Use fall-themed sprinkles too!

This is a fun way to get together with your kids and other parents. Enjoy a yummy treat too.

4. Football Party

Football starts back up just a few weeks before fall. Throw a football party for family and friends who are football fans.

You can decorate the party with your favorite team’s colors if you want.

Server appetizers and simple snacks so you can enjoy the party. Some ideas are wings, chips and dip, pizza, and more!

5. Bounti-Fall Harvest Party

Show your gratitude and give back by inviting your friends over to complete a service project together. Look for a local charity that is in need of lunch bags, tie quilts, or more.

You can always go volunteer at a soup kitchen or other volunteer organizations that may need some extra helping hands.

6. Fall Craft Night

Invite your friends and family over for a fun night of crafts. You can do this with the kids or just have adult friends come over.

You can make painted wooden signs, fall wreaths for your door, or luminaries inspired by fall. 

An easy way to make sure you have all the supplies at the party is to provide the supplies. Other people might likely forget something if they are responsible for bringing their own. Your friends then can pay you for the cost of supplies when they come or after.

Make sure you serve some delicious but simple appetizers while you all craft away and talk!

7. Chili Cook-Off

Chili is one of the best comfort foods during the seasons of fall and winter. Make it into a fall party by having a chili cook-off.

Invite friends over to bring their best chili to share. Choose judges to pick the best chili recipe. Make sure there are prizes to give to the winners.

Since the chili is going to be the main entree you can always supply fixings to go with it. Serve chips, cornbread, and whatever else you eat alongside with chili.

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