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7 Month Old Baby Development New 2020

7 Month Old Baby Development

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Healthy & Safety Info

Babyproofing Tips & Tricks

As your little one starts moving around more on her own, whether she’s rolling, crawling, pulling up, or even cruising, she’s in a better position to get into trouble around the house. Don’t wait for her to master a skill that could put her in danger; babyproof now. Some safety tips to think about:

  • Bolt furniture to the wall. Dressers, desks, and side tables might tip if your little one tries to pull herself up on them. Similarly, bulky televisions pose a hazard to babies who might grab the cord and pull it down on themselves or tip it off an entertainment center. Invest in a TV guard, a baby-proofing device that will keep your television stable.
  • Avoid walkers. Contrary to appearances, they won’t help your baby walk any sooner, and they might put her in danger as she glides toward other objects or the top of a staircase. Stationary exer-saucers, jumpers, and activity centers provide similar fun and leg-strengthening in a safe environment.
  • Install baby gates at both the top and bottom of any staircases in the home to avoid spills. 
  • Put away tablecloths. A baby who’s trying to pull up will grab onto anything in reach, and yanking a tablecloth might send your fine china crashing down on him.

Choking Hazards

Another worry these days: choking hazards. While learning infant CPR will help you feel confident to handle choking, you should make every effort to avoid foods that can be hard to chew and swallow, including raw vegetables such as carrots and apples, nuts, grapes, popcorn, olives, hard candies, sticky fruit snacks, and hot dogs. Serve soft foods and cut everything into bits no bigger than the tip of your baby’s pinkie.

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