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7 steps to buy the perfect pram

7 steps to buy the perfect pram

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Buying a stroller can be more confusing than buying a car. The options when you step into a store are plenty. But picking the right one for your baby is not easy.

There are foldable ones, layback stroller, jogger stroller, the wallet-draining luxury ones, or the latest model which come with several features. A pram or a stroller is like a tool in the hands of parents. The wrong choice can leave you feeling sorry every time you take your child in it for a ride or stroll. After all, the best pram will be the one which suits your budget, needs and lifestyle:

Here are 7 things to look for before buying a pram or stroller.

1. Lift and Fold

Some of prams/strollers can be heavy. You may consider the weight before buying them. If you are taking the pram to the mall, it should provide ease of use. Double check if you are able to fold it with one hand with the push of a button. The sales people at the store always make it look easy. But with the baby in one hand, are you able to do the same when you want to fold and put the stroller in the car. Check for convenience. Ask for simpler models if the latest model is too complicated.

2. Your Budget

Before you set out to a store, begin with a simple question – what is my budget? They come in several range, starting from cheap and simple to pricey ones. Within that budget, look for the accessories it provides – such as sun or rain cover, tray for baby’s food or hand rest, pram liners, bassinets etc. Once you identify the pram you need, check if the same features are available in other versions with lesser price tags. Try out the bargains available online as well.

3. Where will you use it most?

Think how often will you use it? Your living environment is also one of the factors to be considered. If you live in a hilly area, or you take the child to a park on a daily basis where the surface is uneven, then a four wheel or a jogger pram with spring suspension will be helpful. For such a terrain, prams with larger wheels will provide a smoother ride.

These prams work well even if you take them to the mall.

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4. Mall Ride

For the purpose of taking the baby to the mall, prams with plastic wheels can serve the purpose. Some prams come with a shopping basket underneath. Perfect for a few bags of essential groceries. One of the concerns here is the weight and size of the stroller. Being able to fold it and carry it in the car is of equal importance. An easy-fold stroller that is lightweight and doesn’t take up much storage room might be a good choice.

5. Three or four?

Prams come with three and four wheels. While four wheelers may be more stable with dual suspension, three wheeler strollers are easy to manouever, easy to fit in lifts and tight places. It depends on your convenience. 

6. Consider the wheels

Plastic wheels are light. But they have less cushioning. It makes for a bumpy ride on uneven terrain. These wheels are best suited for places like shopping malls or even surfaces.

Air tyres are comfortable for rough surfaces. Good for outdoor rides, be it park or streets. However, like any air tyre, you have to take care of the intermittent maintenance activities.

Tyres that are hard foam will offer smooth ride. These are low on maintenance, but being heavier than plastic, can be more expensive.

7. Age of baby

Are you buying the pram for a new born? If yes, then ask about the options available for the stroller newborn options. You may want to buy something that lets your baby recline flat. It’s best to buy a pram with neck support as newborns lack necessary strengths to support their head. For a child above one year, look for the comfort according to needs of the baby and the usage of the pram. 

Tricky? Yes, buying a pram is tricky as you do not want to compromise on your little one’s comfort and safety. So research enough, both online and offline before you take the final decision. Happy pram shopping!

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