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7 Week Old Baby Development New 2020

7 Week Old Baby Development

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Baby Skin Problems

In the first three months about half of all babies develop cradle cap, yellow or brown dandruff like flakes that form on the scalp. Though it shouldn’t bother her at all, it looks kind of yucky, so get rid of it by combing or brushing her head (even if she has no hair to speak of), which can help stimulate the oil glands in her scalp to heal the dry patches. In most cases cradle cap clears up on its own, but if it looks like it’s getting worse, call your pediatrician.

Some babies also get eczema, a skin disorder that can be triggered by sensitivity to something in your breast milk (say, a food you ate) or a change in formula. It might also be caused by a new laundry detergent, soap, or lotion. Among kids who get eczema, about 60 percent will experience symptoms before they turn 1. The condition appears as dry, red, scaly patches that often show up first on the face or in skin creases, then spread to other parts of the body. Your baby might try to scratch her skin, and you might notice that it’s flaky or even blistery in spots. It can be irritating, so your pediatrician might recommend bathing your baby less often (to prevent her delicate skin from drying out any further) and applying a light, fragrance-free lotion several times a day. If it’s a severe case, your baby might need a prescription cortisone cream — or antibiotics if there are signs of infection.

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