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8 Week Old Baby Development New 2020

8 Week Old Baby Development

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Baby’s 2-Month Check-up

Two months means it’s time for another well-baby visit! Aside from the usual physical once-over and height/weight checks, your baby will also get his first set of immunizations. This round of vaccines usually includes DTaP (for diptheria, tetanus, and pertussis), rotavirus, Hib (for bacteria that causes meningitis), hepatitis B, and polio, usually delivered in a series of top-of-the-thigh shots. We’re betting your baby’s not going to be happy about receiving these shots — and let’s be honest, it’s no picnic in the park for you, either. So talk to a nurse about what you can do to ease the pain. Studies show that nursing or sucking on a pacifier while he gets a shot can be soothing; even holding your baby (rather than having him splayed on the examining table) can help him weather the moment with a tad more aplomb. Or ask your doctor about giving him a dose of infant acetaminophen an hour or so before your appointment to make him feel more comfortable.

As always, the pediatrician will check the soft spot on your baby’s head to see if it’s starting to close up; premature closing can be cause for concern, since it restricts the brain’s growth. Your doc will also ask about your baby’s sleeping and eating habits, so if you’re stressed about fussing, spitting up, or a baby who just won’t sleep more than a couple hours at a stretch, now’s your chance to get expert advice. Don’t forget your list of questions, too!

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