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9 gender-neutral toys for kids of any gender New 2020

9 gender-neutral toys for kids of any gender

A friend of mine, mother to one little boy, told me she loved the “Dollhouses for Boys” post I did last year. Funny, because in my mind, that post was for parents of boys and girls equally — anyone who didn’t want pink plastic to take over their playroom, especially families with boys AND girls who would like toys to be inviting to all kids.

Here are some more great unisex toys that come free of any commercial baggage. This post contains affiliate links.

  1. Everything by Kid O, but I especially like their push walking toy and the squirrel pull toy. My toddlers loved things that they could drag and pull while walking.
    A round up of gender-neutral toys
  2. Indoor tents and forts are fun for everyone. I saw this cute KidKraft one at a tradeshow, and we got YEARS of use out of the collapsible nylon play tents that can go outdoors for a backyard festival.
    A round up of gender-neutral toys
  3. Pounding toys are a must-have for 1-year olds! We had a plastic one with balls that roll down to a tray where you can pick them up again. My son LOVED it. Pounding “benches” are inexpensive (look for one under $10) opportunities to offer the same play pattern. Of course the European unfinished wood brands will cost just as much as this plastic mallet and ball set.
    Gender neutral toys that are awesome
  4. Play kitchens, oh how I wish you would stop getting made in the color pink! IKEA makes a great-looking one (pictured) as do PLAN toys, Melissa and Doug, and KidKraft. Pro tip: compare heights on these products. If your child is older than two, don’t buy a tiny kitchen. Early elementary school kids will still enjoy playing with one of these if the scale is right.
    Gender neutral toys that are awesome
  5. This Schylling tea set offers a Fiesta Ware color palette instead of pink and floral. Hooray! But another option is to simply buy a set of espresso cups and saucers and put them in a special box. IKEA has adorable ones that you could pair with a colorful tray and cool box. Even enhance a set of tiny white mugs with Sharpie designs.
  6. My family has this set of 26 blocks by Haba. Their unique shapes and design have kept my son and daughter interested in them for years.
    A round up of gender-neutral toys for children
  7. My local toy store owner recommended this pretty rainbow by Grimms to me. It’s a 6-piece nesting toy, a stacking toy, and creative kids will try all the configurations pictured below, but check prices – this seems to vary wildly depending on the store.
    Rainbow Stacking Toy and 8 more great toys
  8. A new “dollhouse for boys” or just a fun house from Hape whose geometric pieces can be placed in a few different arrangements, making setting it up part of the fun.
    A round-up of gender neutral toys for children
  9. Totally splurge-worthy, Magnatiles are open-ended building fun for everyone. My children have spent hours collaborating with Heather’s kids on mazes for Hexbugs, made out of Magnatiles. This combination of toys — for kids 6+ — will pay off during the long winter months.
    9 gender-neutral toys for kids

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