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9 Month Old Baby Development New 2020

9 Month Old Baby Development

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Your Growing Baby

Your Little Mover

In his ninth month, your baby’s in constant motion, probably either crawling, pulling to stand, cruising, or perhaps taking his first few toddling steps. Physically he’s a go-go kind of kid, but he also has a short attention span. Sure, your baby’s interested in almost everything — examining a bug in the grass, flinging toys to the ground, banging blocks together just to hear how they sound — but he won’t stay absorbed in one thing for long before flitting off to the next activity. Developmentally, that’s totally normal, though you can expect to see his attention span increase to 10 or 15 minutes over the next few months.

Chatty Baby

Whether your baby is saying much, he’s certainly learning to communicate, by shaking his head no, for instance, trying to imitate words he hears, and following simple instructions — or refusing to with an impish grin. Believe it or not, the stubborn streak is actually key to his development. When he tosses his cooked carrots overboard or ignores you completely, he’s developing his sense of himself as a person who’s separate from you. Plus, continuing on his path of destruction, despite your protests, is actually a step toward a prolonged ability to concentrate (though you should be consistent about setting limits, especially where safety issues are concerned).

Of course, in some ways he’s still your little baby, a fact you’ll be reminded of when he wails as you leave for work or hides his face from interested strangers. As much as he loves testing your limits and showing off his skills, he still craves a good cuddle too.

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