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A Beginner’s Guide to Business Gas ”

Domestic gas is very different from business gas. If you are able to manage your gas connection at home quickly, you cannot really assume that organizing a business gas renewal or switch would be just as easy as that. If you are a new entrepreneur and have been looking for resources to help you with your business gas application, renewal or switch, you have come to the right place. We will be sharing with you the essential information you need to know to be able to proceed with it.

What is Business Gas?

Business gas is a tariff for gas used specifically for commercial purposes or in a business setting. Compared with domestic gas, business gas can be a bit cheaper since it is available in bulk. Business utility suppliers also set up deals for business gas differently. It is essential to keep in mind that suppliers’ rates may vary depending on the type of company and how much gas is expected to be consumed. In short, each quote presented by a business gas supplier is specially tailored to your business. And unlike domestic gas, where you pay on a monthly basis, business gas bills are charged depending on your supplier and the contract you signed.

How much do Business Gas costs?

Business gas may cost differ from one supplier to another. Prices of gas are also expected to fluctuate from time to time. But, there are different factors that may affect the costs of your business gas bill.

Type of business

The costs of business gas for Small to Medium-sized Enterprise (SMEs) can be significantly lower than those who have large businesses. Suppliers also offer varying rates for each of these business types.

Gas consumption

Your average gas consumption also massively affect your gas bills. If you consume more gas than before, then you can expect that the costs just get higher. For companies like this, it is advisable to take offers from suppliers with lower rates to save money.

Type of tariff

There are two types of business energy tariffs: fixed tariff and variable tariff. With a fixed tariff, your monthly rate during the entirety of your contract with a supplier would not change. While with a variable energy tariff, your gas rates may vary regularly depending on gas prices. Each of these energy tariffs has its advantages and disadvantages. For fixed tariff, for example, since you are paying with a fixed cost, you would not be able to take advantage of a gas price drop. However, although you get reduced costs during the drop with variable energy, you can expect that your rate will also increase once the prices increase as well.

Economic factors

Economic factors that can affect your business gas costs are crude oil price and the current demand and supply of energy. Taxes also have an impact on gas prices.

To monitor how much gas you are consuming on a monthly basis, it is essential that you know how to read your business gas meter.

Where can I find the best Business Gas supplier?

The easiest way to find a business gas supplier that can cater to your needs and suit your budget is to hire a business utility consultant. They can help you compare rates or quotes from multiple business utility suppliers to ensure that you are getting your money’s worth while you score deals that can reduce your costs.

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A Beginner’s Guide to Business Gas

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