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A Few Reasons Why You Might Want a Rhinoplasty

A Few Reasons Why You Might Want a Rhinoplasty

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A Few Reasons Why You Might Want a Rhinoplasty ”

Having your nosed surgically altered won’t be for everyone, but it could be very helpful for certain people, depending on a few factors. Let’s look at some of the reasons why people get rhinoplasties. If you are considering having one done, we hope this brief guide answers your questions and helps you to make an informed decision. 

A New Look

Not everyone is happy with the way their nose looks. Someone who is mocked for how long their nose is, how wide it is, the way it curves or its general shape may want a rhinoplasty done by a certified ENT specialist. They may start looking into their options, visiting to find a local Singapore specialist who can do the work for them. 

This is a very common reason to schedule a rhinoplasty. Most cosmetic rhinoplasties are quite minor, and the ENT specialist may correct the symmetry of the nose, reduce a tip, or decrease a nasal hump. These kinds of procedures tend to have minimal downtime and cause very little pain or discomfort. 

Keep in mind that cosmetic surgeries of this kind are not typically covered by insurance, as they are considered to be nonessential. 

Fix a Breathing Problem

An ENT Specialist in Singapore can do more than just make your nose look more attractive. The doctor would also be able to fix an issue with your nose that prevents proper and free breathing. Many people have rhinoplasties done out of a desire for comfort or a need to correct a serious breathing difficulty. 

If your nose is shaped unnaturally, it can create breathing issues that make it difficult to exert yourself or that cause you to have trouble sleeping soundly or talking properly. 

Septal deviations are fairly common and one of the most common reasons for having rhinoplasties done. An ENT specialist can fix the deviation with a very minor surgery. This is a simple procedure, and it may be a huge benefit to the patient. It can help them to breathe much easier, correcting a respiratory problem that may have bothered them for years. 

Some septal deformities are fixed by having cartilage grafts placed strategically. These create a normalized air passage in the nasal cavity and allow for easier breathing. This can fix a problem caused by a birth defect, a genetic issue or some kind of damage to the face. 

These are just a few of the medical issues that can be corrected by a rhinoplasty. Talk to your ENT doctor about your options and what would be the most effective way to deal with your nasal problem. 

Do You Need a Rhinoplasty Performed?

If you think that your nose’s shape or cartilage formation is affecting your breathing or you are unhappy with the appearance of your nose, then you should consider a rhinoplasty. Before you make a decision, take time to talk to an ENT specialist in Singapore. You want to get an expert opinion and have the problem professionally diagnosed before you decide to go through with a rhinoplasty.

Be sure to choose an ENT doctor that is trusted and that has experience in performing rhinoplasties. A specialized ENT doctor will be able to perform the surgery with a minimum of fuss and with a short recovery time for you.

If you have questions about the suitability of a rhinoplasty for your situation, then a consultation can help to clear things up for you. The consultation and the procedure will typically be done on two separate visits. You don’t have to decide anything right away. You can consider the cost of the procedure, how much your insurance is going to cover, what kind of procedure you might need and the suitability of the ENT doctor you are thinking about using. 

Your surgeon will create a plan that is individualized to your needs and your situation. The surgeon may be able to work with your budget and set up a payment plan as well, depending on your need. Don’t let your lack of funds stop you from getting the surgery that you need. 

A rhinoplasty can dramatically change your look and your life for the better, giving you better airflow or a look that you love. 

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A Few Reasons Why You Might Want a Rhinoplasty

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