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A fresh take on saving special baby clothes New 2020

A fresh take on saving special baby clothes

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Wall art made from baby clothes patterns via Tiny Cuts Paper Studio

A rookie mom and artist from Mississippi wrote in to share her clever idea for preserving memories of special baby clothes in a unique way. Courtney Tesh, aka Hadley’s mom, is now the proud owner of an Etsy shop where she is offering to produce personalized wall art out of your baby’s keepsakes.

Even better? You don’t need to send her the items — or cut them up! Read on for details.

Courtney says, “Illustrated Memories is a series of custom memory prints, made to order, using photos of one’s favorite or most memorable items.”

It could be a baby’s take home outfit, favorite blanket, the shirt daddy was wearing when he first held his little one, clothing from a loved one who has passed away, or even a special greeting card. It is a wonderful way to preserve those sweet memories – in the form of one of a kind art, hung on the wall or added to a photo album or scrapbook, as a forever reminder.

Here’s how it works:

  • Scroll through the characters on Courtney’s etsy store to select the design you like.
  • Take clear, well-lit photos of the fabrics
  • Indicate the words you would like underneath your image: name, date, or other

You receive a digital proof to approve before printing.

Thanks for sharing, Courtney!

Visit TinyCutsPaperStudio on Etsy to see pricing and details >

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