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A Guide to Understanding the Newest Vape Technology ”

Vaporizers are the new and innovative electronic devices that have changed the smoking industry. They heat the dry herbs, oils, and concentrate to a temperature just below the combustion point to convert the materials to vapors and release flavor for a fast and easy inhale.  The vapors are easier, smoother, and much more flavor to inhale as compared to smoke.

Combustion is a process that releases toxins and carcinogens, which are unhealthy for inhalers. But the vape is engineered in such a way that it heats the materials instead of burning them completely. This is why vaporizers are becoming popular as a better and healthier alternative. Vapes are available in various types of styles that use different heating methods. Their innovative technology allows you to get a healthier experience.

What are the types of vapes?

There are two types of vapes.

1)   Desktop vaporizers

The first manufactured dry herb vaporizers were desktop vaporizers. They have an efficient system that separates out the harmful irritants and provides better temperature control. These were first used for pharmaceutical reasons.

2)   Portable vaporizers

These are the new ones that have gained popularity recently. These devices are easy to use and provide a discreet means of taking in vapors. They have better temperature control, heat up rapidly, and have one button controls.

Heating mechanisms

There are three types of heating methods in the newest vape technology. They are conduction, convection, and induction. The type of heating method you choose depends upon your needs. If you want more rapid vaporization, then conduction is the best method. If you want more flavor and effects, then go for the convection method. And if you want constant temperature, then choose induction heating.

What materials can you vape?

There are various materials that you can use for vaping. These can be dry herbs, liquids, and concentrates. The type of vaporizer you wish to use will determine the type of material to be vaporized. Why? Because not all devices work well with every material. So first, decide what you want to vape and then purchase the device accordingly.

1)   Dry herbs

These are the dried plants that have been cured. The flavor and effect are released depending upon the temperature it is heated to. For a calming sensation, heat to 300 °F, while for a stronger feeling, go for 430 °F.

2)   Liquid

It is a specific liquid that is only used in e-cigarettes. These are also known as mods. They are available in various flavors, and some favors may also have nicotine. These have a higher temperature range.

3)   Concentrates

They contain extracts from dry herbs, providing a stronger effect as compared to the dry herbs because they contain a higher concentrated percentage of active compounds. The ideal temperature is 325°F, while the best temperature for a stronger effect is 400°F.

What is the standard temperature for vaporizing?

The best way to get efficient vapors, you need to control the temperature. As written above, there’s a particular range in which the materials will start to release their ingredients and flavor. If your device is not at the right temperature, then there will be no vapors. And if the temperature is too high, then the material may burn and reduce your overall experience.

The best temperature range for dry herbs is between 350°F to 375°F. But usually, every vaporizer has a different optimal temperature. And dried materials vaporize at a lower temperature as compared to liquid materials. So as you start, you will be able to find the optimal temperature with use and time.

Mims Blog

A Guide to Understanding the Newest Vape Technology

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