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Adorable and inexpensive things to hang from your child’s ceiling New 2020

Ideas for mobiles that aren

Ideas for mobiles that aren't mobiles

When I was decorating Scarlett’s room, I needed some color to break up the white wall and to bring the pinks and oranges together into a more cohesive color story. I bought these honeycomb balls for about $3 each and hung them from the ceiling. (Affiliate link)

I thought they would be sweet for a baby’s room, too, and found all sorts of tissue poufs, even prettier ones, on (Save 15% via this link)

I asked them to send me some to play with, and then my mind started wandering to all the different visuals that excite me more than the electronic mobile I had hanging above my son’s crib.


Our contributor Laura from Oakland Avenue DIY’d this garland from felt balls that she bought on etsy.

Felt garland

I loved seeing this on her blog because my elementary school friend Sharon Montrose is the photographer of these baby animals.

Laura also used Christmas tree ornament felt animals along with some of the felt balls to create a simple mobile.


Courtney from Bowdenisms hung this fabric scrap mobile in her daughter Piper’s room, using this mobile spider clip thing.

5 ideas for inexpensive mobile alternatives

Heather created this quirky Star Wars mobile with R2D2 silhouettes after being inspired by Jen’s vespa mobile. Both used the same photo clip hanging device as Courtney.


Vespa mobile and other DIY mobiles

Does your child have a mobile? Do you use it?




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