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Affirmations for Kids – Simple tips to build your child’s self-confidence! New 2020

Affirmations for Kids – Simple tips to build your child’s self-confidence!

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Affirmations can change your outlook on life and yourself. I know because they changed mine and I use them to change other people’s. Yep, I believe in affirmations so much that I built my business around them and that is why I am already introducing my one-year-old and three-year-old to them. Somehow in life, we get programmed to think that we aren’t enough, we compare ourselves to others all day long and doubt our capabilities and dreams. I don’t want that for my kids and I am sure you don’t either. Thus, here are some great tips to begin using affirmations for kids. 

Affirmations for kids

What is an affirmation?

It is basically a powerful statement to call you into what you want to see in yourself. Usually it starts with the words “I am” as to amplify whatever follows.

The dictionary says:


  1. the action or process of affirming something or being affirmed.
  2. emotional support or encouragement.

If day after day you repeat them to yourself you then start to actually believe what you are saying! They may start as oh  that’s a nice sentence and then the turn into YEEEESSS! I am that! Using them can build confidence, mindfulness and so much more in adults and kids! Start them young! No matter how young they are. (But really start them at any age, even at 43 years young you can change your outlook on your life).

I have been using affirmations for well over a decade and they had such a huge impact on me that I ended up creating my own affirmation deck of cards, an affirmation based product line, and a mobile affirmation App for your phone! So, yes I love affirmations, preach their powers and have recently started an affirmation practice with my toddler and it is the most special thing ever!

How to use affirmations for kids.

My personal favorite way to practice affirmations myself is also I think the most fun way to practice them with your kids. Saying them out loud while looking in the mirror! As adults, this way can feel uncomfortable (it is, but do it, the discomfort will slip away and you will actually start to believe what you are saying) but for kids, it is super fun! They don’t look in the mirror that much and when they do it is all fun and games. So by now having them repeat powerful phrases to themselves you are telling them that loving themselves and believing in themselves IS FUN! Which it is!

Affirmations for Kids -

The mirror play is great for all ages of kids! Those that can’t write yet, like my toddler, to high school kids and beyond. Like I said it is my preferred method as it is really the most powerful and why I recommend it to all of my clients.

The other most powerful way to use affirmations is by writing them!

If you have kids that are just starting to learn to write you could create some traceable affirmations for them! You know, grab paper and pencil (or pen) and write out some simple affirmations with them using just dotted lines for the letters. This way they are working on writing their letters while also repeating affirmations to themselves! Even if they can’t read what they are writing by you telling them what it says and having them be excited about making the words they will be using the affirmations! You could even tape up the completed ones on the wall or refrigerator as a celebration of their tracing and a reminder that they are smart, kind, strong, brave, etc!

Affirmations for kids to buld childs self confidence


For kids that already know how to write this is such a good exercise for them to start young and keep alive as they get older. Have them write a few affirmations out each night or choose one that they really are excited about it write it several times. The repetitive writing really helps for the words to sink in so that we start to really believe them and be excited about them.

Other Fun ways to use affirmations for kids.

Besides having your kids practice affirmations you can leave them little notes of affirmations around as surprises! Hand write or print them out and put them into their lunch bags and backpacks. And most importantly remember to affirm them! Remind them of all they are capable of by telling them often.

You are smart.

You are brave.

You are strong.

You are loved.

Whatever you want them to see in themselves, affirm that in them!

And make sure to catch them when they put themselves down (same for yourself). When you hear them say “I can’t” in any way or get mad or frustrated with themselves,  affirm them! You are smart! You are strong! You are curious! And urge them to join you in believing the good instead of the bad.

Let’s start the self love journey young!

Here are some fun affirmations for kids to use with your little ones!

Affirmations for kids Infographic

And remember to keep up the self-love work yourself, too! To make it super easy for you I created a daily inspiration App with hundreds of powerful thoughts and affirmations to remind you of the awesome human that you truly are and all that you are capable of!

Download the app for iPhone or Android.

affirmations for kids app

Affirmations can change your outlook on life and yourself. Thus, here are some great tips to begin using affirmations for kids and build their self-confidence! #affirmation #parenting #parentingtips #selfconfidence #child #kids #smartparenting

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