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AI Is Showing How to Play CS: GO

AI Is Showing How to Play CS: GO

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AI Is Showing How to Play CS: GO ”

Artificial intelligence is affecting every sphere of your life, whether you want it or not. There is a totally new AI assistant that tends to teach you how to play CS:GO effectively. Tip Genius provides some useful recommendations for game positioning based on the actual case. Usually, the CS:GO coach focuses your attention on your replays and explains the possible mistakes. Tip Genius has a different approach to the gaming process. Ben Mesnik, the developer of Tip Genius, stated that he developed the AI because he was striving to improve his gameplay. So, he created something that would provide you with reminders throughout the gaming process.

CS:GO players demonstrate immense patience toward the game by always trying to improve their performance, learning new smoke or flash spots, as well as mastering new gaming strategies. Of course, some players are relatively passive, enjoying watching live streams of competitive titles, betting on those titles, and collecting skins from a wide range of CS: GO cases on In 2020, Valve introduced a patch for CS:GO that is applicable to users from France only. In the future prospects, the developers are considering to add a special program “X-ray scanner” (in the format of the gun P250 | X-Ray). With such an item, you will find it possible to bypass the ban on loot boxes in any country around the world.

Why do you need a scanner? What is its major benefit? CS: GO enthusiasts receive a great opportunity to explore the contents of the container before opening it. That way, the law on loot boxes can hardly be violated. At the same time, the scanning instruments are developed in such a way so that the users have to “enlighten” the container one by one. According to the introduction of the scanner, Valve does not allow users to purchase containers on the Marketplace on Steam. Luckily, they can still sell them.

As you can see, X-ray scanner is considered to be a great mechanism that cannot be sold, exchanged, or transferred. Remember that any scam or fraud associated with the change of the IP address to French can result in account lockout. So, if you decide to go for such a risk, be careful. Anyway, you will love this addition due to its ability to improve the gaming routine, especially of those players at the low rank.

A Roadblock for the AI Developed by Valve

Although Tip Genius has a great concept integrated into its work, it is currently not applicable. Why? Because it is a 3rd party software that doesn’t work with the actual CS:GO beta area. Valve is setting block for 3rd party software to stop cheaters from ruining the game. Sadly, some great software like this cannot operate in the beta. Thus, Ben Mesnik ensures that his AI will become an undeniable part of the gaming process because it is being published through the well-trusted Overwolf platform. The Valve developer hopes he will get the signed authentication, which will enable his AI to operate in the CS: GO beta.

Tip Genius can operate at Overwolf platform. Its efficiency is based on over 1000 tips addressing various live scenarios that can happen throughout the game. It has a certain overlay that will be introduced to you during the game.

Moreover, while you’re dead and waiting for the next gaming session, you can check some of the tips. It’s probably the best way to learn things. The tips are represented in the format of easily digestible 5-10 second videos that can be understood and remembered both by professional and beginner users.

Let’s welcome this AI into the world of CS:GO. Hopefully, it will get the green light from Valve.

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AI Is Showing How to Play CS: GO

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