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An invisible belt, really? New 2020

An invisible belt, really?

Almost a year ago, Kathy from Invisibelt invited me to try out her special belt. She told me, “The Invisibelt is a flat undetectable belt intended to be worn under fitted tops. No more belt buckle bulge!!!” I was intrigued, but not completely sold.

When the package arrived, I eyed it suspiciously before trying it on. She had sent me both a clear plasticky one and a black one to try out. The package sat unopened for a couple months. Then, one day, I needed a belt!

Yes, when your pants go from being perfectly fitted to drooping a bit, it’s time to grab a belt, ladies. So, I opened the clear Invisibelt and gave it a test run. It’s not like ordinary buckle belts (in a good way) so it takes some adjusting to get it right. For first-time wearings:

  1. Adjust to fit. Before threading through the loops, take time to find the right fit with the slider. It may take a few tries.
  2. Thread through belt loops. Duh.
  3. Wear fitted shirts. The best part about this belt is what goes unseen. Wear longer fitted shirts and don’t worry about that belt or buckle bulge (just like she told me).

If you wear shorter shirts, the belt will show and not look so good.

For about six months, I wore this belt nearly every day. Still, I hesitated to write about it because it was a freebie. And, by itself, I think its ugly. It’s plastic. Then again, this is what I genuinely liked:

  1. the slim line of the belt under shirts.
  2. the quickie one-handed closure.
  3. that I could adjust it once and it fit perfectly without having to struggle between (or beyond) belt holes.
  4. that I could pretend to be Wonder Woman by having a special invisible super power belt.

So, if you are between sizes (new mom!), need one hand belting (new mom!), and want to look less bulky in the midsection (new mom!), I highly recommend an Invisibelt. In fact, I’m wearing it right now. See also the InvisiBump for pregnant bellies.

If you are perfectly fit to your belt holes, want to show off a stylish belt accessory, have all the time in the world for buckling, buy a different belt.

Disclosure: I received free belts for wearing and reviewing. But I already said that, didn’t I?

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