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Awesome Mom: Secret Agent Josephine (win!) New 2020

Awesome Mom: Secret Agent Josephine (win!)

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One of the best parts about getting older is that the accomplishments of my peers continue to be more amazing. It is with no small thrill that I share the news that my blogging peer, the talented illustrator known Secret Agent Josephine is launching, not just one children’s book, but three!

And not just on one platform, but lots! That’s right, you can access her super fun children’s books electronically, because hey, it’s the future.

iPad/iPhone: ABCs, Colors, and Numbers.

Kindle: ABCs, Colors, and Numbers.

Nook: ABCs, Colors, and Numbers.

Paperback: ABCs, Colors, Numbers.

To celebrate, she has designed this complicated scavenger hunt book tour all over the Internets and I encourage you to follow along because there are craft templates and lovely images everywhere, plus mucho chances to win a print from Secret Agent Jo, who in real life is known as Brenda Ponnay. We are honored to brag that Brenda was an early reader of Rookie Moms and that she didn’t even get mad when we borrowed this illustration from her website. It is one of my favorite visuals ever.

That’s me her trying on pre-pregnancy jeans.

Secret Agent Alert! You can win the R IS FOR ROBOT print for your child’s room or your classroom!

Our print is the Letter R , but if you want to seek out a different letter, you can use Brenda’s site as a jumping off point to track down all the giveaways, each a different letter of the alphabet. You see, you ARE a secret agent! The best chestnuts are to be found on Pigalle Square.

To enter our Secret Agent Sweepstakes, simply comment below telling us your favorite R word. I’ll go first: I’m torn because my husband is named Ryan, but my ears prick up every time I hear the word ROOKIE used in conversation. I would love this print myself! Ok, your turn!

(On Monday, December 19, I will select a winner with the help of a random number picker thingy. Only one entry per adult human, please. U.S. shipping addresses only.)

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