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Baby car seat + tight parking space = mama bear rage New 2020

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I had an incident today. I kicked an SUV and looked around for a blunt object with which to smash the windshield while carrying my baby in his bucket seat. Not my finest moment.

Instead of finding a bat handy, when I looked around, I saw a man with his very-pregnant wife pushing a grocery cart to their car (did I forget to mention that I was in a very crowded parking lot at the time?) and nearly burst into tears of gratitude.

“Can you please help me? This person has parked too close to my car so I can’t fit the carseat in and I don’t know what to do!”
The man replied, “is the baby in there? Can you go in the other side?”

This told me a few things right off the bat:

  • they were true rookies-to-be. Why would I have an empty carseat in my hand at the grocery store? Aww, how sweet.
  • he was helpful and a problem solver.
  • they must not have seen me kick the SUV
  • and within a minute, my problem was solved!!

Thank you kind strangers!

I couldn’t have put the carseat in by myself going from the other door because of the toddler seat already on that side, but the thoughtful, ingenious father-to-be helped me.

What are you supposed to do when the people are parked too close to you to fit the baby seat back in the car? This happened to me once with Holden too but I had a friend with me…

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