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Baby First Year- Everything That You Should Need to Know

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Baby First Year- Everything That You Should Need to Know ”

An infant’s caring is exhausted, but it is the most critical period for the baby and parents. If you can take care and give full time to your baby in his first year, you will say that you are potent in looking after your baby with full devotion. The baby’s first year is an exciting time in which the baby develops day by day, week by week, and month by month. Every child has their habits, unique style and demands for new things which may not be known by many parents as well. So, it is also a period of parent learning. As a parent, you’d better get a baby keepsake box to preserve some of the precious baby items. 

The baby came into the world to learn everything. The first year is important and gives many things which he may not forget in later life. Therefore, the first year of a baby should be well designed in which he will adopt positive changes and remember the changes for a lifetime. So before going towards some tips and guidelines, we are discussing the baby’s first-year developmental stages according to the months.

Baby First Year Developmental Stages

Here are the 12 developmental stages of the baby according to the months. When you go through stages, you will know how a baby gets many changes and develops with time.

First Month

At this stage, the baby is just like a machine, which is sleeping, feeding, and popping all the time. The baby has a tiny body and wants to eat the hand all the time. He is active to turn towards the object, which is 12 feet away and turns towards the familiar voices and sounds. 

Second Month

When the second month is starting, the baby is acting like gurgling. He is trying to follow other people’s movements and objects with the help of eyes, but his coordination is poor. Try to lay from the tummy and push your arms upwards.

Third Month

The third month of a baby is known as cuteness overloaded baby in which the baby gets progressed from dependent newborn to independent baby. He starts to smile at the voice of a known person, starts kicking the legs, putting hands into the mouth, recognizing the family faces, trying to know your facial expressions, and creating a sound.

Fourth Month

This is a far easier month for the baby and parents. In this stage, the baby cleared out many irregular milestones. He may hold their hands, grasp the toys with full coordination, and copy other expressions with full knowledge.

Fifth Month

At this stage, you will notice that your baby coordination is increased and more powerful. He was able to grab the feet and to insert them into the mouth. The baby was able to move the objects from one hand to another and start showing interest in your food and easting items.

Six Month

The sixth months are enough for development. So, the baby starts to sit up without any support. Try to say the words like mmm and show expression during playtime. Either he is happy or not. He starts to know his name and is familiar with many faces. At this time, you can also introduce the best baby play mat.

Seventh Month

In this stage, the baby changes are here. He starts sitting up for a long time without getting any support, tries to answer the words, identifies the emotions, and uses more hands to get access over the objects.

Eighth Month

Most babies are drooling a lot; it means the baby gets his first teeth, pulling up for standing, and the baby gets fear to separate from parents. This age gives many learning abilities to the baby.

Ninth Month

No doubt, this stage may give fatigues and any restlessness time to the parent from the baby side. The baby starts crawling, so he always tries to reach anything without overthinking. He also tries to find out the objects which you hide. 

Tenth Month

Baby starts to move up for a long time, standing and walking a short distance, picking out things and putting objects and toys into the container; he tries to show hunger and needs feeding foods to overcome hunger.

Eleventh Month

With crawling and walking, the bay will start language exposure. He starts to understand other people’s behavior and understand the simple and clear statements like do not do, do not touch, come here, and many others like this.

Twelfth Month

This is the last month of your baby’s first year. When this month is about to end, your baby jumps into the toddler stage.  More exposure with objects, speaking clear words, looking at the right things, and using objects nicely and correctly.

Tips for Best Parenthood

Are you wondering about getting the best tips for your baby the first year, then you are in the best place? The below tips help you become the best parents.

  1. Learn the needs of the baby

Learning is important before starting anything else. So, when planning your baby, you need to learn all things about the baby. Like the needs of a baby, tips for better development and growth, and many other things.

  1. Do not Make a Gola to Sleep at nighttime.

When your baby is under the first year, then you should try to change your routine. You can sleep at any time according to the baby routine rather than just sleeping at night. This way will give you better sleeping hours.

  1. Try to Understand Baby Needs

You need to understand the baby moves. When he cries, you should know the reason for his crying. He feels hunger, tired, unusual changes, or any other reason.

  1. Cherish Your All Moments

A baby will never become a little one in life. So, try to have more fun and lovely moments. Capture the moments and make every time memorable. Enjoy your baby infancy as you can; otherwise, you will not have anything as memories.

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Baby First Year- Everything That You Should Need to Know

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