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Baby Growth Spurts Timeline & Tips for How to Survive New 2020

Baby Growth Spurts Timeline & Tips for How to Survive

Maybe all of the sudden your baby is eating everything they can get their hands on or sleeping the afternoon away, whatever the case a common question from new parents is, is my baby going through a growth spurt? It is important to know if a growth spurt is an explanation for the changes in your little one’s behavior. Luckily, this is something your baby will go through pretty quickly so you should only be dealing with their moodiness for a few days. They will be back to their happy selves in no time, so hang in there mama! 

baby growth spurts

3 Common Signs of Baby Growth Spurts

While every baby is different, there are some common signs that give away a growth spurt. When your little one is suddenly busting open the seams of the outfit that they fit fine in yesterday, you will probably have an ah-ha moment and realize these 3 things below do have an explanation after all. 

1) You Suddenly Feel Like a Dairy Cow

That little baby of yours is not growing without some help. In the midst of a growth spurt, they may suddenly start eating more frequently. While it is not any fun to feel glued to your rocker nursing or bottle in hand, feel comforted that you’re nourishing another life and know these days pass quickly. For older babies, this may also mean upping their portions of solid food to keep them fueled. 

2) Your Baby Has Switched Up Their Sleep Patterns on You 

This can be the most frustrating thing that comes along with a baby’s growth spurt; a change in sleeping patterns. Even if you had previously nailed down your baby’s sleep schedule, during a growth spurt it may be impossible to get them to follow it. For some babies (with lucky parents) this will mean they are suddenly sleeping more, and for others, it will mean they are getting up more frequently in the night. The frequent wake-ups are likely due to your baby feeling like they need a late-night snack, and they will hopefully go back to their long stretches of blissful sleep in a few days. 

baby growth spurts

3) Your Happy Baby Has Become a Little Moody

Growing is no walk in the park. Your baby may seem extra fussy during this time, as well as very demanding when it comes to feedings. Be patient, give them some extra love, and trust that this phase will pass. 

How You Know if Your Baby’s Growth is On Track 

It can be hard to tell if your little one is on track with their growth and development when you are in the middle of a long stretch between doctor visits. Poop and pee are probably going to be your best indicators. Trust me, you will pay more attention to your baby’s poop and pee more than you thought possible. As long as these two bodily functions are happening, you know your baby is getting food. Besides that, just try not to stress. Babies are made to grow and they will do it whether we like it or not. 

Common Baby Growth Spurt Timeline 

In their first year of life, babies have one job and that is to grow! We have broken down some common milestone growth spurts. Again, not all babies are alike so this is more of a rough guideline of when you should be expecting them to go through some changes.

  • 1-3 Weeks

  • 6-8 Weeks 

  • 3 Months 

  • 6 Months 

  • 9 Months 

Surviving Baby Growth Spurts 

Like we mentioned in the beginning, these growth spurts will pass pretty quickly. First and foremost, do not be afraid to reach out for help. These growth spurts may make your life a little more difficult for a few days, so ask someone if they can help with the little things like dishes are laundry.

Keep prioritizing self-care, even when it seems impossible to focus on anything but your fussy baby. This can be as simple as staying hydrated and making sure you get something to eat.

Lastly, if you are breastfeeding do not just automatically assume something is wrong because your baby wants to feed all the time. It can be worrisome when you start to wonder if they are getting enough food, but if they have around 5 wet diapers a day and they seem to be growing out of each outfit you put on… then everything is just fine. 


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