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Baby Items You Can Live Without New 2020

Baby Items You Can Live Without

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Baby Items You Can Live Without

Baby does need a place to eat, but those huge, stand-alone high chairs are costly — and, again, take up a lot of space in your house. “If I had it to do over again, I would never, ever buy a high chair,” says Laura Beck, a mom from Austin, TX. “They are huge and so hard to store between kids. Plus, they just get disgusting, covered with food, and become something you are constantly cleaning, scrubbing, and finding random bits of food stuck to.”

Kim Kempinski, a mom of three from Phoenix, AZ, recommends using a Space Saver high chair, which simply attaches to a chair. “It’s much cheaper and takes up less room, and you don’t have to buy a booster later. We bought a traditional high chair for our firstborn and donated it when the Space Saver came out — our toddler is still in it.”

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Baby Items You Can Live Without

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