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Baby items you should borrow, not buy New 2020

Baby items you should consider borrowing instead of buying

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When we asked you guys, “What’s one baby item you’d advise a new mom to borrow instead of buy?” there was one clear winner: The Swing.

I had a swing baby as I like to call her, and she slept overnight, swaddled, in the swing many times. Oh yes she did. But I can imagine that if I bought a swing brand-new, and then learned that my baby hated it, I would want to return it. Borrowing from a friend who is in between babies or done with baby-making is the easiest way to learn on-the-cheap if a mechanical swing will be a miracle drug for your child.

Baby items you should consider borrowing instead of buying

Other items with short shelf lives named by rookie moms as good candidates for borrowing (or Craig’s List):

Baby carriers are another story. If you can borrow some for a few weeks to see if you like it, that’s great. A Moby wrap is wonderful to have in the very early days and a friend with a two-year old is not going to miss it. But an Ergo carrier, or similar styled device, can be used with an infant and a toddler, so you might want to splurge on it — especially if you scored a bunch of these other items from a friend or consignment store.

How about travel cribs? Many of you called these out as short-lived, but mine got tons of use. I think this depends on whether or not you travel (we do!) and if you host a nanny share (we did — and our baby guest slept in our Pack N Play every day.) I think it’s a must-have for a baby registry list, but that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t accept a hand-me-down from a friend!

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