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Baby names inspired by J.Crew New 2020

Baby names inspired by J.Crew

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My daughter, Scarlett, is one of two Scarletts in her 3-year old ballet class. While the color scarlet is spelled differently, her name does evoke a deep red image for me, and I hope that as she grows older, she develops an affinity for red as her signature color.

As I’ve met an increasing number of little girls named Ruby over the past few years, I’ve wondered if they will be choosing the same red accessories or wishing for a red VW beetle when they turn 16. If my name was Ruby, that’s what I’d want to drive.

I mentioned a couple of years ago that in our postpartum yoga class, there were two other babies with colorful names: Hazel and Sage.

And now, a close friend has named her first daughter Olive.

J.Crew shirt for kids in Olive Spice

While these are all lovely names, I can’t help but poke fun at the trend. What other names could be pulled from a J.Crew catalog?

Blossom? Or is that part of the flower trend in girl names which includes Rose, Lily, and Dahlia. And of course, my best friend Heather, whose name is probably on every page of the J.Crew catalog.

Seriously, I’m actually a fan of the nature-inspired name. I know they’re not intended to make us think of long-sleeve crewnecks. We’ve known a darling girl named Aspen, a boy named Hawk, and an old high school friend of mine has a son named Ocean. (And my Scarlett’s middle name is Lake, although that’s a family name.)

The color of this dress? Cedar.

What are your favorite names that come from the natural world… or the J.Crew catalog?

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