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Baby Symptoms Not to Worry About New 2020

Baby Symptoms Not to Worry About

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Baby Symptoms Not to Worry About

WHY IT’S OKAY If this is only the first or second night she’s been fussy, the more likely culprit is gas, which stretches out your baby’s Lilliputian GI tract as it wends its way through her intestines. If, however, your infant turns out to be super-agitated every late afternoon and evening, colic is certainly a possibility. It’s not as dire as you may think, though: Colicky babies seem uncomfortable, but they aren’t typically in significant pain, and they can be soothed, at least for a while, with a calming technique such as swaddling, swinging, rocking, or heading out for a drive, says Katy Cahill, M.D., a pediatrician with University of Wisconsin Health, in Madison.

WHEN TO SEE THE DOCTOR If you’ve got a howler on your hands, check in with your pediatrician to rule out physical causes that are sometimes overlooked, such as an ear infection or a corneal abrasion. And if you can’t soothe your infant

for even a short spell, her cries could indicate a problem in the intestinal tract, an infection, or an injury. “It’s usually possible to briefly console a colicky baby,” Dr. Cahill says. “It’s the inconsolable babies that worry me.”

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Baby Symptoms Not to Worry About

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