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Banish your mommy guilt New 2020

Mommy Guilt book: learn to worry less!

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Mommy Guilt book: learn to worry less!My caring husband bought me the book Mommy Guilt as a not-so-subtle hint for me to lighten up and have more fun when our firstborn was a baby. The subtitle, Learn to worry less, focus on what matters most, and raise happier kids, was appealing enough; and my commute and daily visit to the pumping room gave me ample time to read it. The book is filled with some helpful exercises and tips.

For over three years now, I have had the 7 Principles of Mommy-Guilt-Free Living taped inside my medicine cabinet. It turns out that if you feel mommy guilt when you have a BABY, it just keeps on piling on as your kids get older so you might as well work to fight it as soon as it rears its ugly head (like when the yelling starts).

excerpt from mommy guilt book

Devra and Aviva (two of the authors) also have a blog at Parentopia. And they reviewed our book, which was super nice of them. Click over there and read a little bit today if you are in need of absolution from parental angst.

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