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Benefits of Solar Roofs ”

Hey, this is 2021. We are kickstarting a green movement and taking the burning issue of climate change head-on. There are many smart ways to incorporate sustainability and eco-friendly features to your home design; and you’d be a smart consumer to have installed solar roofs rather than those conventional roofing tiles. 

Summers are almost here, and as the mercury rises, expect soaring energy bills. Solar roofs give you a multi-faceted array of benefits. While home construction contractors are now offering energy-efficient home design solutions, a solar roofing company can actually convert your existing roof structure into one that generates power and long-term value for you. 

Take a look at the top benefits of solar roofing that’ll convince you to go for it!

  • Multifunctional roofs that actually look beautiful

Phase out your existing roof system for a beautiful, sturdy Solar Roof. Your home should look pretty; solar roof tiles are beautiful and complement the architecture with  their aesthetically pleasing design. 

Solar Roof tiles are much stronger than standard roofing tiles, with protection against water overruns, hail and even fire. They offer all-weather protection, as well as powering your home for decades.

The roofs also need minimal maintenance for removing dust and dirt. That makes solar roofs a no-hassle investment for your home. 

Moreover, it’s very reliable in terms of energy production. Even when you have severe power outages, your solar roof is up and ready to fulfil your energy needs.

  • Cut down on your Energy Bills

A solar roofing system is connected to your electricity meter and utility overhead lines, generating power that reduces the amount of municipal power received by your property. When you install solar roofs, you can potentially generate more energy than what you consume, for a net-zero metering. Solar roofing will power your house even with an average amount of sunlight, for virtually 24×7 power.  

Since solar roofing does not interfere with the main power grid, you can always connect to the power grid for heavy electrical power needs. Thanks to this, you can actually see your energy bills going down.

Solar roofs have a useful life of between 20 and 25 years. Considering the rising electricity rates which you’re likely to see within the next few years, you’ll be virtually earning for generating and consuming your own solar power. Some states purchase excess solar power you generate, so think of this as an ideal “idle” revenue.

Installing a fully integrated solar roof improves your property resale value significantly. Prospective buyers of your building will appreciate that the system is already in place and functional;  an energy-efficient building sells, because its short and long-term operating expenses are much lower than similar buildings that don’t have this technology.

  • Taxation benefits and Credits

Under the federal income tax credit scheme, you get a tax benefit of 30% of the total system costs, including equipment and installation. Additionally, your state and local government agencies may offer rebates and benefits for installing solar energy systems on your property.

Solar Renewable Energy Credits (SRECs) are certificates you sell to your electricity provider for a certain amount of renewable energy. States buy SRECs under a Long-Term Renewable Resources Procurement Plan, which stipulates that a geographical location will produce a set quantity of renewable energy by a specified year. The scheme offers an excellent return on investment, and as a homeowner you should definitely check it out.

  • Enjoy Low Installation Costs

Solar roofs pay for themselves over time, making them an incredibly affordable investment. Installation costs can be financed flexibly; pay outright in cash, or loan. If you don’t want to make the initial investment of installing solar roofs, there’s another low-cost option for you; no-cost installation is offered by some solar roof companies, where they “lease” your roof area in exchange for powering your household at a reduced rate. 

Solar roofs are an excellent way to offset energy costs. Be an environmentally conscious property owner with this piece of modernity, which will make you energy-independent! 

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Benefits of Solar Roofs

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