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Best Baby Carriers for Dad – 11 Choices With Style and Comfort New 2020

dad baby carrier

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Babywearing is great for bonding and is an easy way to transport baby without the hassle! No more juggling a stroller and a grocery cart. Dads can wear their baby just as well as moms can, but often baby carriers are more mom focused. Even when gender neutral, they may leave out some of the must-have features like extra support or the capability to carry the baby to be carried in several different ways. The following are the best 10 stylish dad baby carriers. All have a focus on bonding dad and baby while looking good and providing optimal functionality.

best baby carriers for dad

Neutral Dad Baby Carrier Options 

DaDa Hip Seat Baby Carrier

For parents with back and shoulder issues, this baby carrier is a great choice. The unique design makes it easy for parents to stand up straight and feel that the baby still has support. Both the carrier and the hip seat evenly distribute the baby’s weight which makes for a comfortable experience for all. This baby carrier has 8 different carrying options. It has the traditional carrying option of your baby outward on your chest. You can also backpack style carry or use the hip seat to assist with holding your baby as they grow.

Infantino Multi-Pocket Carrier

The Carry On Multi-Pocket Carrier is Infantino’s top-performing product and features an adjustable seat that grows with babies! The seat cinches to accommodate small newborns and can be expanded to seat toddlers comfortably. The six intuitive pockets on the carrier serve as a handy tool belt to make everything parents need for the day that much more accessible! Pacifiers, keys, wallets, diapers, and onesies are now a quick grab away! I feel like our family is always on the go, so this carrier is always with me. It’s extremely comfortable to carry and totally functional. 

You + Me Baby Carrier

Several baby carriers have a grow-with-me feature. This will allow dad to carry baby from the infant stage all the way through the toddler stage. It’s useful to consider a grow-with-me carrier because there will be times when your toddler still wants you to carry them. This 4-in-1 baby carrier is made of breathable mesh and offers four different ways to carry your baby, from a cuddle wrap style for infants to riding on the back style with toddlers. This model is lightweight, easy to use, and looks good in a neutral grey.

dad baby carrier

LILLE Baby Six Position Baby Carrier

This baby carrier is a solid choice because it is all-season, with six different positions to carry the baby. Offered in classic neutral black or blue, this carrier has a high pocket for baby to sit securely. Also, it has several positions from forward and rear facing and even on the hip. The breathable mesh fabric makes it breezy for the warmer months and the zipper flap in the front can keep baby warmer in the cooler months.

Infantino Cuddle Up Ergonomic Hoodie Baby Carrier

The Cuddle Up Hoodie Baby Carrier by Infantino is a great budget-friendly option. The fabric is a neutral grey with a fun bear hood to keep baby warm and dry. The backpack style straps go over your shoulders and around your waist. This supports your baby’s weight evenly and you can wear it in a variety of ways. The straps are easily adjustable making it a great dad baby carrier and the hood is removable. Also, the front has a kangaroo pocket for keeping dad’s hands warm or storing a small item. You can wear the baby two ways, on your front or as a backpack.

Tactical Baby Carriers

Mission Critical Men’s Baby Carrier

This men’s baby carrier has a very similar look and it feels to a tactical vest. Available in three colors, this baby carrier allows wearers to carry baby on their chest and allows baby to face dad or out to explore. The vest has a supportive back panel and backpack style straps to keep everyone comfortable and the hands-free design allows dad to put on or take off the vest one-handed, ideal for when carrying baby solo. There’s a built-in sunshade, mesh for breathability, and MOLLE webbing to attach a tactical backpack for a day out.


TBG Tactical Baby Carrier

Another tactical baby carrier that operates a lot like a backpack is this one by TBG. The straps are wide and cross in the back to provide adequate support and structure. The front has two solid panels to support the baby and keep them protected. The front panel folds down and velcros forward to allow baby to look out once they’re big enough for forward facing. This is a great lightweight and minimal baby carrier that works with many tactical backpacks to make it easy for dad to carry the baby and go about the day.

dad baby carrier

Analog Kids Tactical Baby Carrier

This tactical dad baby carrier uses an outdoors backpacking style structure. This means it provides wide, padded, supportive and comfortable straps with shoulder and hip straps to keep the weight evenly distributed. The front of this baby carrier is a simple panel with a tactical look, complete with the webbing and coloring of your favorite tactical backpack. Almost every strap is adjustable to keep dad and baby comfortable. You can wear the baby two ways, making this a great baby carrier for daily activities all the way to weekend hiking.


Wrap Style

Boppy ComfyFit Baby Carrier

Wrap style baby carriers don’t have to be complicated. This one by Boppy has three easy steps to put it on and carry the baby safely. The “click, strap, tie” setup gives you plenty of support with padded straps and it has a crisscross design. This design gives baby’s hips plenty of room and the baby can face forward or snuggle up. This is a great wrap-style baby carrier because it comes in neutral colors, has a yoga comfort style fit and look, and folds into a small carrying pouch to stow and go. Dads will love to carry their baby in this wrap!

dad baby carrier

Moby Classic Baby Wrap

Baby wraps aren’t just for moms, this wide wrap by Moby has the classic baby wrap design and is great for dads to use too. The wrap itself is one piece that uses a method of crisscrosses that evenly distributes the baby’s weight, making it easy to carry for long durations. This wrap also promotes bonding and helps keep baby close, protected, and comforted. It’s a perfect option for keeping outings hands free while knowing the baby is supported. The Moby Wrap also comes in a variety of colors so you can find one that fits dad’s look and style.

Stroller Totter

This is a baby wrap that will stay in place. It was designed with the everyday parent in mind, creating a solid baby wrap that can hold baby securely while keeping everyone comfortable. The fabric is stretchy but stays in place, making dad feel solid while he carries the little one around. The neutral color makes it easy for this wrap to fit with dad’s style and the overall design makes it comfortable. 


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