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Best Baby Cereal [Oats, Barley & Quinoa, Oh My!] New 2020

best baby cereal

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There are many different methods to transfer your baby into eating solid foods but finding the best baby cereal is a good place to start. It is so exciting to make this transition with your baby! However, we know it is not one that comes easily to many parents because it is such a big deal. I researched tirelessly to make sure that I was getting it all right, and my only conclusion at the end was that there truly is no right or wrong way. Talk to your pediatrician, read all the books, skim the articles and in the end, you will find a path that you are comfortable with.

Baby cereal is a common first food because it is easy on your baby. The taste is bland, and it is very safe for them to eat. Not to mention, there are so many better options on the market these days jam-packed with nutrients. Let’s talk about it. 


Should I Feed My Baby Cereal?

For decades, baby cereal was the number one go to for your baby’s first solid food. Many parents nowadays seem to be falling away from cereals as the best options and lean towards beans, lentils or enriched pasta. Whatever route you want to take, the most important thing is that your baby is getting something iron-rich that is easily digestible. Keep in mind, this does not have to be something that you keep in your baby’s routine for a long time. Cereal is one of the easiest things to introduce to your little one, and there is no problem with a variety of foods in the days that follow. 

The main concern with rice baby cereal is that it contains trace levels of arsenic. The rice absorbs this from the soil that it’s harvested from. As you will see on our list, the best baby cereals are actually not made with rice which alleviates this concern.  According to the CDC, cereal is still a recommended starter food as long as contains other ingredients like fortified oat or barley. You can also make your own baby cereal, and you will know exactly what is in it!

best baby food

Best Ingredients in Baby Cereal;

  • Oats
  • Barley
  • Quinoa 
  • Real Fruit and Vegetables (you can add these on your own as well!)

The Best Baby Cereal

Happy Baby Organic Probiotic Baby Cereal 

We will kick things off with Happy Baby, which is a multi-grain oatmeal baby cereal. The cereal contains oats, amaranth, and quinoa for a healthy balance. It is organic and probiotic along with being enriched with Iron and Choline. Choline does a multitude of things for your body, but what it really comes down to is that it is good for your nervous system and brain health. Click here for pricing.

Not to mention, this company is wonderful and sustainable. They work alongside pediatricians and the USDA to make sure their foods are top notch quality. When your baby moves on from cereal be sure to check out their whole line from healthy baby food pouches to whole milk yogurt. 

best baby cereal

NurturMe Protein-Packed Quinoa Organic Infant Cereal

Quinoa is taking over the baby cereal game. With rice no longer being a recommended option, it turns out quinoa is full of nutrients and totally safe for your baby. Quinoa is a super grain packed full of protein, which makes it a great transition from breastmilk. NuturMe cereals contain no gluten, soy, dairy, or egg to ensure that their food can be easily digested. It also makes their cereal very gentle on the tummy. This cereal contains probiotics and is iron fortified with natural plant-based vitamins and minerals. Quinoa has many health benefits and because of that, this cereal provides balanced protein, all essential amino acids, and immune-boosting antioxidants. Stock up on this super cereal today!

best baby cereal

Holle Organic Millet Cereal

Millet is a gluten-free grain that is very easy to digest. Of course, this makes it a perfect main ingredient in baby cereal. Holle Organic Millet Cereal is certified organic by EU standards. On top of that, it is milk free and GMO-free. There is no added sugar, which can be hard to find in baby cereal so is greatly appreciated! This is a great organic baby cereal to kick off your little one’s solid food journey. Get yours here!

Ella’s Kitchen Banana Multigrain Baby Rice 

While we do typically recommend buying a plain cereal and adding in the fruits or veggies to keep down the sugar intake, we will make an exception for Ella’s Kitchen Banana Multigrain Baby Rice. It is made of organic bananas with a maize & quinoa blend. This cereal is super smooth so that your baby will enjoy their first tastes and textures. All the ingredients are organic and yummy, you won’t find anything artificial in this cereal. Here is current pricing!

Earth’s Best Organic Multi-Grain Cereal 

Earth’s Best is a popular brand selling everything from formula to toddler snacks and baby’s first toothpaste. Their focus has been to sell organic high-quality products for over 30 years. And thus, this well-trusted brand is a great choice for your baby’s first food. It is made of organically grown whole grains and fortified with fiber for growth and development. On top of this, it has no added salts or sugars. As well as no artificial flavors, colors or preservatives. They make the cereal with a blend of oats, barley, and spelt meaning you do not have to worry about the whole rice issue. Buy Earth’s Best here!

Beech-Nut Rice Single Grain Cereal

If you do decide to go with rice baby cereal, just make sure to quickly and frequently mix in other foods for balance. The Beech-Nut Rice Single Grain Cereal is non-GMO rice that has a great super creamy texture. Like the other options, it provides iron which is essential to your baby’s development. One of the most loved things about Beech-Nut cereal is its container. The cap doubles as a measuring cup and there is an easy to pour spout, which is great when you’ve got your hands full! You can check pricing here!

Gerber DHA & Probiotic Oatmeal Baby Cereal

You can’t go wrong with Gerber. I love this DHA & Probiotic Oatmeal Cereal for baby’s first food. DHA helps to support brain and eye development while the probiotics support healthy digestion. It also tons of nutrients your baby needs like iron, Vitamin C, calcium, B Vitamins and more. Gerber pays close attention to quality and ensures that these oats are gluten-free. Be sure to check out Gerber Mom Hacks for some recipes that include this oatmeal baby cereal in big kid recipes. You can find some towards the bottom of the following Amazon link. Purchase your cereal today!

best baby cereal

Healthy Times Organic Barley Cereal

As we have said, barley is a great substitute for rice cereal and much healthier for your little one. This cereal is made of USDA certified organic whole grain barley that is gentle on a baby’s tummy. The grain goes through minimal processing which allows it to hold greater nutritional value. It is also made of non-GMO ingredients and supplemented with vitamins and minerals. This baby cereal is dairy free, soy free, and vegan only containing the most wholesome ingredients. Purchase yours here!



If you have other questions about baby cereal or baby food in general, please reach out in the comments!

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