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Best Cradle Cap Brush [The Top 5 Ranked!] New 2020

best cradle cap brush

While Cradle Cap really isn’t something to worry about and it likely isn’t bothering your baby, I totally understand wanting to get rid of it as soon as possible. Cradle Cap is crusty white or yellow scales that appear on your baby’s scalp because of excess oil production. Hey, getting used to the outside world is pretty tough and we could all use a little time to adjust! First of all, keep in mind that Cradle Cap will probably clear up on its own within a few months. You can use Cradle Cap shampoo to help loosen the scales and may also want to look into a Cradle Cap Brush to remove the scales. 

best cradle cap brush

What You Need to Know About Cradle Cap

You can use the Cradle Cap shampoo and brush to get the scales off your baby’s scalp, but you want to make sure you are being gentle at all times. Also, keep in mind, using these methods to clear up Cradle Cap are temporary and it will likely come back. It is most common in babies 3 months and under but may last until about 4 years old. In most cases, eventually, excess oil production will stop and it will clear up on its own at some point. 

How to Use a Cradle Cap Brush

You want to gently brush the already loosened flakes away. However, you do not want to scrape or pick at them. You should only brush your baby’s hair once a day and be careful to watch for any irritation or redness. If you notice this, reduce the amount of brushing you are doing. It is best to move the brush in once direction and be sure to brush all the way through to completely remove the flakes. 

This brushing method works with both dry and wet hair. I always brushed my baby’s hair through right after bath time because that’s when the flakes seemed to be loose and easy to remove. 

Best Cradle Cap Brush [The Top 5 Ranked!]

1. Safety 1st Cradle Cap Brush and Comb

best cradle cap brush

The Safety 1st Cradle Cap Brush and Comb is our #1 pick for very bad cases of cradle cap. It will get up enough flakes to allow Cradle Cap shampoo to actually reach the scalp. This brush is simple but has everything you need for safely combing out Cradle Cap flakes. One side of the brush has soft rubber bristles and the other side is a fine-toothed comb. It slides on to your hand making it easy to keep the brush steady.

This brush is loved by many parents, mostly for the fine-toothed comb which can help to clear up even the worst cases of cradle cap. Check it out here!

2. DermaFrida

best cradle cap brush

This silicone brush is not only helpful for babies with Cradle Cap, but also for eczema and dry skin. This makes it a great choice for babies who just have sensitive skin overall. The brush is soft, flexible, and has massaging nibs which are also comforting to your baby. This set comes with two brushes and a storage case, so you can keep one at home and one in the diaper bag. 

Check it out here!

3. Natemia Quality Wooden Baby Hair Brush

best cradle cap brush

If you are looking for a brush that is great for overall grooming but can double as a brush to help clear up Cradle Cap, this Natemia is a great choice. The bristles are made from goat hair and will be very soft on your little one’s scalp. It helps with Cradle Cap by removing flakes and redistributing natural oils evenly across the scalp. 

The one downfall of this brush is that some of the bristles will fall out, This is totally worth it, though, if you are looking for something soft over a hard plastic brush. Plus, it comes beautifully packaged and would make for a perfect gift to add to your baby registry or gift to a new mama in your life. 

Check it out here!

4. Scalp Scrubbie

The Scalp Scrubbie is a great Cradle Cap brush if you plan on doing your scrubbing during bath time. It is a soft sponge with a gentle bristle brush on one side. I love that you can squeeze some Cradle Cap shampoo on the sponge side and get the benefits of the brush and the shampoo all at once.

This sponge may be similar to the one your hospital sent you home with after giving birth to your little one, making it a great choice if you loved that brush. Plus, it is very affordable and comes in a three-pack. Check it out here!

5. Fephas Wooden Baby Hairbrush + Silicone Brush

This set comes with both a wooden brush and a silicone scrubber, so you get the best of both worlds. The wooden brush has goat hair bristles just like the one we discussed above. Paired with the silicone brush which exfoliates and lifts the scales, these brushes will make it a breeze to clear your baby’s scalp. As a bonus, your baby will love how soft this brush feels on their head. 

Check it out here!


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