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Best Kiddie Pools to Beat the Summer Heat New 2020

best kiddie pool

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Is there anything better than laughter and memories in the swimming pool during a hot summer day? While we might not be able to head to a community pool this year or have an in-ground pool, there are some pretty awesome pools you can easily set-up right in your yard. We’ve pulled together a list of the very best kiddie pools for you and your little one to splash around in this summer. 

Of course, the cuteness factor was taken into consideration. You are going to need to snap some photos of your sweet baby splashing around in their tiny swimsuit! 

What You Need to Consider Before Adding a Pool to Your Yard

best kiddie pool

No matter how shallow a pool is, you need to take precautions to protect your little ones. Here are some safety tips to consider:

  • Lay strict ground rules about the pool. Some of these rules might be never running near the water, not going near the water without an adult, always asking mom or dad if it is okay to swim, or something as simple as needing to be a good listener.
  • Always be hyperfocused on your child when swimming, even in a shallow pool. Drowning can happen within seconds.

Check out this article for more swim safety tips!

Shopping for a kiddie pool requires some attention to features like:

    • DurabilityThe strength of the material is crucial depending on the wear and tear you predict you will need. Molded pools are the strongest at first because they are molded plastic and hold their shape until excessive heat or weight alter its material. Other kiddie pools are typically made from vinyl, some with double seams for strength. If there is a hole, a repair patch usually does the trick.
    • PortabilityIf you are in charge of bringing the pool to the backyard party, a molded pool will take up the most space while inflatable and frame pools can deflate and fold into something more convenient. However,the larger the size, the greater the need for a water filter to remove debris and bugs over time.
    • StorageThe ability to store the pool in the offseason is also important. Molded pools can be brought out and filled up with ease so long as you have a space for its size. All of the other pools require more time for installation and breaking down, but take up much less space when not in use. However, some pools provide multipurpose uses like sandboxes, ball pits, or a playmat that contains messes indoors and outdoors.

Types of Kiddie Pools:

  • MoldedWhen you have a toddler or preschooler that you are introducing to water play, you want something that is safe and comfortable for them. You want enough water for optimum splashing, but nothing too deep that can increase its danger factor. Inexpensive, plastic kiddie pools that are shallow and about six feet in diameter are accessible at most stores, but there are other wading pools for babies and toddlers that are more entertaining.
  • InflatableInflatable kiddie pools make the perfect family pool. They range in size and features for family so that more people can enjoy water fun at one time. There are inflatable pools for younger swimmers that need shallow waters and pools for big splashers that can handle water even waist-deep.
  • FramedFramed kiddie pools take longer to assemble and fill, but some of the great ones do not require extra tools. Kids enjoy these pools because it feels and looks like a big backyard pool. Parents enjoy these pools because they are just as easy to store when summer is over.
  • Play CenterIf your child loves bouncy houses, they will love wading pools with all of the bells and whistles. Play centers are more expensive than the other types of kiddie pools, but it incorporates so many features that encourage water play, imagination, and exercise. From slides to games, inflatable play centers are the ultimate kiddie pools.

Best Kiddie Pools for Summer Fun!

As with any pool, adult supervision is the most important safety feature that must be included with all pools. Whether you are performing the role of lifeguard or swimmer, your child’s safety depends on it. In addition to safety, don’t forget to add a little fun with some fun pool toys.

Molded Kiddie Pools: 

backyard fun

Step 2 Play and Shade Pool

Since sun exposure can be too much for a child’s delicate skin, a little bit of shade goes a long way to keep the fun going. Step 2 has all of the features for fun and makes your child cool in their own little pool.

Summer Waves Plastic Wading Kiddie Pool

This bright colorful pool will be perfect to fill with water in the summer and splash around in, but it’s versatile too. When the weather cools off, you can easily fill it to make a sandbox or ball pit. 

Inflatable Kiddie Pools: 

backyard fun

Neon Palm Kiddie Pool

Target has a great selection of kiddie pools that are durable, easy to blow up, and will make a super cute addition to your backyard. 

Intex Swim Center Clearview Aquarium

Little swimmers will feel like big fish in this sturdy, 90-gallon inflatable pool. Parents and grandparents praise its ease in inflating and strong sides that can handle preschoolers climbing and laying on them.

Leonore Inflatable Pink Pool

Leonore inflatable pool

A little mini polka dot pool… could it be any cuter? Aside from the cuteness, Leonore makes sure their products are eco-friendly and this pool is even BPA free. 

Xflated Kiddie Pool

The Xflated Kiddie Pool comes in three tasty design choices: watermelon, ice cream, and hamburger. It is three-rings high, so if one ring has a puncture, the whole pool will not completely collapse. 

Framed Options: 

best kiddie pool

H2OGO! My First Framed Pool

This 4’x4’ pool is a great size for little swimmers who want to do more than just sit in water. The strong PVC poles keep up the pool while the liner resists many scratches and pokes. Some reviewers comment how well it keeps up with their dogs swimming too!

Intex Mini Frame Pool

Just like the H2OGO!, the Intex Mini Frame Pool holds up to swimming wear and tear. It promotes its foam-padded horizontal beams to protect swimmers entering, leaving, and playing hard in the pool.

Play Centers: 

best kiddie pool

Intex Candy Zone

Intex makes swimming time sweet with this Candy Zone inflatable play center. The garden hose is used for the sprinkler feature, but children two and up will slide to their heart’s content onto the extra padding below. 

Intex has numerous play centers of different designs and sizes, like the Gator Inflatable Play Center (ages 2 and up) and the Intex Dinoland Inflatable Play Center (ages 3 and up).

Banzai Wild Waves Water Park

Water fun does not have to be in the pool alone. The Wild Waves Water Park has a slide into the pool, but also a basketball hoop and ring toss for wet fun in and out of the water.

A kiddie pool is a perfect way to create a summer full of memories right from your very own backyard. Kick back and cool down, but always remember to keep pool safety in mind! 

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