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Best meals to bring to new parents New 2020

food for new parents

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When I was a recovering post-partum chick, all food gifts were gobbled up eagerly. Some of my favorite meals were the best just because they showed up hot and I didn’t have to do a darn thing. I can recall the perfectly-timed roast chicken from about a year ago; my mom had just left and we had no dinner plans at all when Nate showed up with FOOD. Bless him.

I clearly remember the delicious brisket with spaghetti squash when Milo was an infant more than five years ago. Jeanine just said there was no real recipe. OMG, I have spent so many days in the kitchen trying to replicate it. Sigh…

Whitney found this amazing post from Annie’s Eats about her thoughtful meal for new parents. She likes to make a special Mexican feast with lots of healthy touches. I also love her labels.

food for new parents

feast from Annie’s Eats

I recently made a vat of turkey chili (from The Mom 100 Cookbook) and decided to freeze a flat gallon ziplock for an expectant friend. For side dishes, I have a version of the meal with homemade foods and an alternate that includes quickie store-bought items depending on how busy I am when I’m called into duty:

  • Starch: either homemade corn muffins or a fresh loaf of crusty bread
  • Green: salad bar fixins
  • Dessert: my very special chocolate chip oatmeal cookies or a vat of brownie bites

Do you have a go-to meal that you like to prepare for rookie parents at home with a new bambino? The nerdy engineer in me would like to standardize.

ebook sampler cover

I was sent a free copy of The Mom 100 Cookbook and have been working my way through the recipes. Pretty good so far. If you have a kindle, check out the free recipe sampler.

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