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Best things to do with a baby in San Antonio, TX New 2020

The 5 best places to take babies and toddlers in San Antonio

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The 5 best places to take babies and toddlers in San AntonioFrequently mentioned on lists of the best places for families to travel, San Antonio has something for everyone. But is it fun for babies, too? Colleen Pence with San Antonio Mom Blogs shares the five best places to take your baby for pint-sized fun in the Alamo City:

The DoSeum

The 5 best places to take babies and toddlers in San Antonio: The DoSeum

While The DoSeum – San Antonio’s brand-new children’s museum – is an amazing place for all kids, ages 0-12, their Little Crawlers area will keep your baby busy for hours. Let him crawl around freely in this protected area that’s perfect for stimulating senses. Your sweet babe can look in the mirror, see other babies, and explore the colors and sounds all around them.

Take your baby outside on the east side of The DoSeum to play in the sandbox (or in the outdoor, protected baby area that’s just outside of the Little Crawler spot). Babies get a kick out of splashing in the shallow kids’ river and they love the water play area located on the west side of the building too.

Traveling with a toddler? She’ll never want to leave Little Town which includes a tot-sized grocery store, bank, food truck, car repair store, veterinarian’s office, a kid-sized airplane, and a front loader that lifts. The DoSeum is all about doing: your baby or toddler can enjoy hours of hands on, sensory-driven fun and learning! See my full write-up on DoSeum.

The San Antonio Zoo

The 5 best places to take babies and toddlers in San Antonio: The San Antonio Zoo

Zoos can be overwhelming for little ones but the San Antonio Zoo’s Tiny Tot Nature Spot brings the adventure of wildlife and the outdoors down to baby’s size. Indoor activity centers, outdoor close ups with fish, tortoises, chickens, and goats get your babe excited about the sights, sounds, and (yes!) the smells of the animal kingdom. What parents love is the indoor play area, designed for kids 5 and under, which is the perfect place when baby needs to rest or cool off. Also popular is the quiet room set aside for nursing moms who enjoy feeding baby with few distractions. And, don’t miss the brand-new carousel in Zootennial Plaza!

SeaWorld and Aquatica

The 5 best places to take babies and toddlers in San Antonio: SeaWorld and Aquatica

SeaWorld is perfect for babies! Take them to meet Shamu, one of the world’s largest and most fascinating mammals. And don’t miss the Pets Ahoy show, which features rescue animals including dogs, cats, rats, ducks, pigeons, pigs, parrots, and a skunk! When your baby’s done sitting still and wants to get out and move, check out the Sesame Street Bay of Play, an area specifically designed for little ones with splash pads, gentle rides including a carousel, a multi-level playground, and Sesame Street shows with photo opps throughout the day.

Aquatica caters to the under 5 set with Slippity Dippity, a separate pool for families with toddlers. You can even take your little one swimming with stingrays (swimming with stingrays is perfectly safe and here’s why) or take a stroll through Roa’s Aviary to meet some of the most colorful and friendliest birds on the planet.

Kids three and under receive free admission to SeaWorld and Aquatica.

Landa Library Park

The 5 best places to take babies and toddlers in San Antonio: Landa Library Park

Our family’s favorite park in San Antonio has it all: two playgrounds (one that’s separate for babies and toddlers); plenty of shade and benches; lots of beautiful nooks for photos; and an air conditioned library, formally a private residence built in 1928, located on the grounds. Baby and toddler story times are offered regularly and, during the month of May, Landa Library hosts family-friendly entertainment for free on Saturday mornings. But you won’t need special events to keep your baby entertained at Landa Library Park. Play outside until your sweetie needs a break, then slip into the library’s children’s section for a refreshing break and a good book.

San Antonio Botanical Garden

The 5 best places to take babies and toddlers in San Antonio: San Antonio Botanical Garden

Spend a day at the gorgeous San Antonio Botanical Garden, taking in the sights and smells of the plants and flowers native to the various regions of Texas. Located just north of downtown San Antonio, the Botanical Garden provides a colorful, nature-filled, stressless day for families. Take in the natural beauty of this 38-acre garden, which is perfect for babies in strollers. Or, let your toddler run free over the luxuriously soft, grassy hills. They’ll see plenty of fish and birds as well as fountains, ponds, and, at the highest point, a picturesque view of the San Antonio skyline.

When you’re ready for a cool beverage or lunch, visit the Carriage House Bistro on site.

Ready to visit? Make plans to bring your baby or toddler to one of the family-friendliest cities in the U.S.: San Antonio!

Big thanks to Colleen in San Antonio for sharing her favorite places to take a little one. Sounds like fun to me! A blogger for more than 10 years, Colleen Pence is the owner of San Antonio Mom Blogs, which features San Antonio fun, food, travel, and free events for families. She’s a mom; a marketing and social media consultant, a foodie who doesn’t know how to cook; a supporter of non-profits and social justice; and a Parrothead.

For More of Colleen, follow her and San Antonio Mom Blogs: Blog | Facebook | Twitter | Pinterest | Instagram | Flipboard | G+

[All photos provided by Colleen Pence; all rights reserved]

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