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Big girl room: Gold polka dot wall decals New 2020

Big girl room: Gold polka dot wall decals

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A peek at the new paint job in Scarlett’s bedroom.

Adorable and totally easy polka dot wall

My daughter’s bedroom was last painted 11 years ago when I was expecting her older brother, my first baby. I didn’t know what gender he would be, so I painted the room a light green, with a unique accent wall featuring thick circus stripes behind the crib.


This look (more pics) was versatile enough to grow with my kids, becoming a girl’s nursery after being a boy’s, and the room eventually lost the crib, gained toddler beds, and over the years, bunk beds. My beloved stripe wall became the background for a play kitchen, and it still worked.

But for Christmas we gifted our children the freedom to have their own rooms, and since Scarlett was staying put in the room she and Julian had been sharing for the past six years, I thought it was due a makeover.


I’ll show more of the room in another post, but I wanted to show off her gold polka dot wall today.

I had the room painted white with a coral ceiling.

Painted Ceiling - Peach with Gold Polka Dots

I bought a set of 48 Lottie Dots Polka Dot Wall Decals in gold
from: The Land of Nod.

Here’s their styling of the dots.

Gold dots decal set from Land of Nod

They come in white, black, aqua, pink and multicolored, as well as star-shaped and bricks-shaped for your LEGO fans. See them all >

I was so excited about these gold dots, I obsessed about the paint color for days. I was leaning toward navy blue as the background for the dots, like I saw in this image on Land of Nod, but ultimately decided that if I was only going to paint the room every 11 years, white was more versatile, plus easier to paint over.

Gold dot wall decals from Land of Nod

Once the wall was painted, I got out my stool, ruler, and pencil and started planning out how apply them. I have this handy ruler with a built-in level, so it was pretty easy to measure out my grid. I penciled a dot every 16 inches in both directions until I had a wall of evenly distributed pencil dots. Then I applied the decals, lining up each dot’s left edge with the pencil mark.

When my husband came to check on my progress, he sort of questioned how far apart I was putting the dots, but I had a vision, and it came out exactly as I hoped.

How to make polka dot walls

Materials used (with affiliate links):

  • Ruler with built-in bi-directional level
  • Polka dot decals from Land of Nod (Gold)
  • Pencil!
  • Arctic White wall paint from Home Depot
  • Powdered Petals ceiling paint (Behr) from Home Depot


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