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Bragging: I can make a casserole in my toaster oven New 2020

Bragging: I can make a casserole in my toaster oven

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For Christmas, I asked my mom for a new toaster oven. She has this fancy one that Heather recommended to her and she loves it.

I am a heavy user of le toaster oven and when mine broke a few years ago, I simply walked into Target and picked a new one and bought it. Shame on me for doing no research and yes, I should have shopped local, but let’s not harp on that.

Fine, we can linger for a moment on my refusal to do research. Perhaps I was rebelling against the abundance of information available online which makes it seem mandatory to read four different websites for reviews and look at what people are saying on Amazon before making any purchase. Can’t I just go look at the assortment on the store shelf and pick a toaster oven that seems to have the right features?

No, is my final conclusion.

For the past two years, I lived with a toaster oven that I hated. It made terrible alert noises that didn’t turn off until you walked over and pressed the button. The interaction design of the buttons sucked. But it worked, so what could I do?

Finally, I invited my mom to treat me, and thar she blows, my sexy Breville toaster oven. Big enough to roast a chicken, bake cookies, or whatever other Martha Stewart-type activities you can come up with. A 12-inch pizza fits in there.

On New Year’s Day, I made an egg+bread+veggies casserole inspired by a recipe I saw by Catherine on Weelicious. See how my new toaster envelopes the casserole dish? They love each other.

Apparently Catherine’s got friends at Betty Crocker because I found this video of her explaining how to make the breakfast casserole.

Note that we are not big on breakfast meat at my house, so I made a few changes. First, I used rosemary bread, which gives the whole dish a delicious herb-y flavor with no extra labor. And, my veggies were potatoes, zucchini, and frozen corn. And I put some goat cheese in. So did I follow the recipe at all? Ok, not really, but I got the idea of a baked egg dish from her. Does it sound good to you?

Are you guys toaster oven people?

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