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Bring Back Family Movie Night with Prima Projector

Bring Back Family Movie Night with Prima Projector

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Bring Back Family Movie Night with Prima Projector ”

Remember when movie nights used to be something the whole family looked forward to? What’s changed? 

Nowadays, everyone is so glued to their screens that they don’t care to share a movie, a game, or even a conversation. 

But that might all change thanks to a new pocket projector. Prima Projector makes movies bigger and brighter. It projects in 1080p HD up to 200 inches (that’s almost 18 feet—just like a movie theater!). It also supports 3D video, and it connects to WiFi so you can play family games like Jack Box together on a massive screen.

Who wouldn’t come running to watch a movie projected to 18 feet? And you can project it anywhere. Try it on the ceiling, and entire wall, or the side of your house! You can bring the big screen home with Prima and reestablish a movie night tradition. Who knows? Maybe the whole neighborhood will join in! 

Prima does a lot more than just project movies. It’s like an entire entertainment system in your pocket. We’ll give you the details below. Or, you can check Prima out yourself here. For a short time, you can get one for 50% off PLUS free shipping and a bunch of free accessories. Don’t miss it!

Movie Night is Back

Good luck trying to gather the kids around your “boring” 50-inch TV. With social media and tablet games to compete with, movies are too slow for the younger generation. 

But there is still one type of movie magic kids love—the cinema. Harry Potter and the Marvel movies hold kids’ attention on the big screen, keeping their minds off their phones for record numbers of minutes. 

With Prima, you can bring a cinema-sized screen home. Just imagine gathering together to watch some of your favorite movies from the past on the big screen. Who knows? Your kids might even get into the “classics” like Mean Girls and Charlie’s Angels.

Prima is sure to captivate with its HD quality too. It’s got a brand new projection engine from Texas Instruments, one of the leading computing brands in the world. The colors are so clear and the blacks so deep that you’ll swear you’re at the theater. Don’t forget the popcorn!

Take Prima Anywhere

Prima might project massive 200-inch videos, but it comes in a tiny package. Prima is the most pocketable projector ever made. It looks and feels just like your smartphone, so it’s simple to slide into your pocket and take with you.

When movie night is over, you can take it to your room to project on your ceiling or take it to work to impress your boss at the next meeting. Prima connects to the internet and can access all of your apps. It has an 8 GB hard drive too, so you can add videos, presentations, files, and more. 

One of the best features of Prima is that you can control it with a touchscreen, just like your phone. There’s no need to learn any controls or navigate menus. Just take it out of your pocket, swipe a screen, and project. 

More than Movies

Prima puts the power of a computer, the convenience of a phone, and the output of an entertainment system in the palm of your hand.

You can use it for a lot more than movies. Use it to go online and project video chats with far-away relatives. Or, play games like Jack Box or Fortnite with the kids on the big screen.

You can also use it to watch YouTube, Netflix, and any other app. You can download any of the 3 million apps on the Google Play store directly to Prima. 

Want to watch a cooking tutorial while making dinner? Just pop Prima out of your pocket and you can project a video on your kitchen wall while you prep. 

You can also use it as a Bluetooth speaker to listen to your tunes using its built-in speakers. 

Project Your Phone and Computer

You can put all your apps and files directly onto Prima. Or, you can wirelessly mirror your phone and computer to the projector. 

That means you can project anything you have on your computer or phone up to 200 inches in an instant. With a touch of a button, Prima will wirelessly connect to your device and project your apps, games, and movies on the big screen.  

If you don’t want to deal with Prima’s dashboard and menus, you don’t have to. Just turn on your phone and put a movie on. It’s that easy. 

And it’s not just computers and phones. Prima can connect to anything. It has Bluetooth, WiFi, and Airplay connectivity. Plus, it has a bunch of ports like HDMI, USB, headphone jack, and more. 

You can connect a camera, tablet, Nintendo Switch, PC, and more. With Prima, you can project anything. 

All Play, No Work

One of the annoying things about “portable” projectors is that they’re not really portable. You can’t use them without wires, speakers, a tripod, and a handful of adapters. 

Prima can project anything without hassle. It works 100% wirelessly, so you can project right out of your pocket.

It also has built-in speakers, which are a lot more powerful than the grainy speakers in most projectors. 

You’ll never have to take time or use effort to “set up” this projector before starting a game or movie. Just set it down and swipe to start your favorite shows or connect to your device. 

Kids Love It

Want more control over your kids’ media use? Prima can help. Instead of giving them your phone at the store or in a waiting room to keep them occupied, you can project a game or movie. They’ll be thrilled to watch a bigger screen, and it will allow you to keep an eye on their online activity. 

Older kids will love watching movies and gaming on the big screen. Get ready for a lot of sleepovers at your house! You might not get much sleep, but you’ll build a lot of great memories! 

Bring Back Movie Night with Prima (And Save 50%)

Prima makes family movie night easier than ever. And it makes a lot of other things easy too. Work, chatting, surfing the web, watching Netflix—you can do it all on Prima in an instant. 

And now, you can get Prima for a huge discount during their special pre-launch sale. A limited number of Prima Projectors are available for 50% off. Plus, you’ll get free shipping and a free accessory package that includes a tripod, remote control, carrying pouch, and more. All in all, you can save over $500.

Looking for a way to get the kids off their phones and an excuse to dig into more popcorn? Order Prima today and bring movie night back!

Learn more and get your Prima now at 

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Bring Back Family Movie Night with Prima Projector

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