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Calling All Parents: Moving Tips During the COVID Era

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Calling All Parents: Moving Tips During the COVID Era ”

The numbers don’t lie: despite the challenges of this year, many people are moving to new or different homes. From unprecedented shifts in the job market that take people to new parts of the country, to new needs for work-at-home spaces in the house, there are many reasons to move during COVID-19. Once you’ve found and placed your new home under contract, you have to get all your ducks in a row for the move, which can be tricky. In addition to finding a moving company or moving truck rental that is taking good care with sanitizing their equipment, here are some moving tips to help you get started.

Pack Ahead of Time and Incrementally When Possible

The earlier you can start packing, the better! Some parents just push hard with a couple days of morning-to-night packing, but any time during children’s naps or virtual learning work that you can spend boxing up unused items is good to do. This means that, when it comes time to vacate the house, more of the work will already be done.

Turn Packing and Moving Plans Into Real-World Math and Logic Challenges for Kids at Home

If you have school-aged children, some parts of moving can be part of their hybrid or virtual learning as you work to prepare the house. You can ask them for kid-friendly moving suggestions, like asking them to help with planning the amounts of boxes needed, the supplies like bubble wrap or brown paper, and have them make checklists for cleaning up the house before departure. Children like to be involved, and the more you can put in their hands safely, the more buy-in they have on the process.

Empower Kids With Some Design of New Spaces 

For kids who are reluctant to move, a nice way to sweeten the deal is to let them help design at least one part of your new home. Whether it is a nook or part of a room that will be just for their virtual learning or a whole bedroom, getting your child to consider what they’d like on their walls and how they might like the repaint an article of furniture or two can help them feel that the new place is just as much a home as their current abode.

Set Up Remote Learning and Home Office First

When people moved in pre-COVID, the priorities for unpacking were often basic kitchen items and clothing, among other immediate needs. Now, make sure that your home office or school items are clearly labeled so you can set up work-from-home needs and your child’s school set-up as soon as you arrive. Even if you have to unpack incrementally on nights and weekends after the initial arrival, having your school and work ready to go will help you start to feel at home in the new place, even during this unusual year and the COVID-19-related changes to moving.

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Calling All Parents: Moving Tips During the COVID Era

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