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Can You Hold Your Baby Too Much? Science Tells Us No! ”

Are you worried that you are doing everything right to make sure your baby develops healthily?

Young parents often face anxiety over whether they are doing the right thing for their new baby. We ask whether breastfeeding is the right thing to do, and how long we should do it. We also ask whether we should allow babies to self-soother.

But one critical question is: Can you hold your baby too much?

Holding your baby is one of life’s greatest pleasures, but many still wonder whether it’s the right thing to do. Well, the science is in on this, and the answer is NO!

So, let’s look at why holding a baby is not bad for them.

The Science

A recent study by a group of scientists found that holding your baby is essential for their development. In particular, it was found that physically touching a baby during its first days and weeks significantly strengthened its neural development.

Most babies begin their lives in ICU units, just as a modern precaution. But one disadvantage of these units is that the babies spend less time in their parents’ arms.

This is something that many scientists are now looking to change, based on the evidence that holding your baby is good for their development.

When to Hold Your Baby

There are many different reasons to hold your baby, but skin-to-skin touch brings a number of benefits all on its own. So, just being near your baby and giving them your hand is often valuable.

But there are some key times when you should hold your baby:

  • When they are crying
  • When they want to play with you
  • When you are in a busy or scary environment
  • When they are unwell
  • When you just want to bond!

You shouldn’t really ever feel bad about holding your baby, except perhaps if you are depriving them of sleep. But if you want to hold your baby close to you but let them sleep, you can look at these Tula baby carriers as the perfect middle ground.

How to Hold Your Baby

When asking ‘Can you hold your baby too much?’, we need to be clear about what ‘hold’ means.

It’s essential that you hold your baby correctly, which is another reason why baby carriers can be useful. You need to ensure you are fully supporting your baby, paying particular attention to their head and neck.

But you also want your baby to feel safe and protected, so holding them close to you is most beneficial. This will create a stronger bond between you and your baby!

So, Can You Hold Your Baby Too Much?

Now, can you answer the question: can you hold your baby too much? Hopefully, you answer ‘No!’

You shouldn’t feel guilty about wanting to be close to your baby. Now, science has told us that it is extremely beneficial to be holding them!

So, enjoy your baby, give them your support, and hold them till your heart’s content!

If you’ve found this information useful, why not check out some of our other great articles on health and parenting?

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Can You Hold Your Baby Too Much? Science Tells Us No!

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