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Can you speak Mommy Lingo? (sponsored) New 2020

Can you speak MommyLingo? Quiz yourself

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Thanks to Exeltis for sponsoring today’s post about all the lingo to know when becoming a rookie mom.

Can you speak MommyLingo? Quiz yourself

Whitney’s former boss used to say that becoming a parent is like “joining the most special non-special club there is” — and we totally agree! In fact, even trying to become a parent gains you access to a new world of vocabulary and body awareness that members of this parenting club use on a regular basis.

#MommyLingo website defines all those parenting TLAs & educates about RxPNV

A clever website, tests your knowledge of all the terms, tests, and TTCs from mama message boards with a fun quiz. Do you know your RxPNVs from your ROFL? Let’s find out!

#MommyLingo website defines all those parenting TLAs & educates about RxPNV

#MommyLingo website defines all those parenting TLAs & educates about RxPNV

My first time through I was undefeated — apparently, I’m a Mommy Jedi! Now that I’ve spent more time on, I can see that the quiz keeps changing and I don’t always come out as a Jedi Master. I definitely did NOT know the difference a BIL from a BIP, so good luck, y’all!

Test your own #MommyLingo skills at or face off against your partner or BFF.

++ Spoiler alert: Mommy Lingo Acronyms defined

Hop on over to take the MommyLingo quiz, but if you want to know the definitions of the acronyms I used today, here you go:

  • TTC is #MommyLingo for Trying To Conceive (get pregnant!)
  • RxPNV is #MommyLingo for prescription prenatal vitamins, an easy to get, easy to take, super beneficial alternative to over-the-counter prenatal vitamins.
  • ROFL is Internet language for Rolling on the Floor Laughing. Did I trick you into thinking it was about babies?
  • Is it BIL or BIP? Don’t make my mistake. Brother-in-law is nothing like Basic Infertility Pattern.

++ Follow along on the socials

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  • Share your experience of trying to interpret #MommyLingo on Twitter and Instagram using the hashtag #MommyLingo

++Twitter party coming Thursday August 18

To chat about all things to do with mom acronyms, mommy lingo, and RX prenatal vitamins, join us for the #MommyLingo Twitter Party on Thursday, August 18 at 9am PST (that’s Noon EST). And probably win cool prizes because there are usually good ones!

  • Three (3) winners will each receive (1) $150 Gift Card
  • Two (2) winners will each receive (1) $150 Target Gift Card
  • One (1) winner will receive (1) $250 Amazon Gift Card

RSVP for the #MommyLingo Party Here!

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Exeltis, creator of MommyLingo.

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