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Candy Cottage: a no-tears gingerbread house New 2020

Reusable Gingerbread House

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This candy house was a team effort by my sister and my kids.


If you’ve ever bought a gingerbread house kit from Michael’s or Trader Joe’s, you know that these houses can be a risky proposition. I have directed many a four-letter word at broken facades of cookie-based homes as I frantically attempt to use frosting as cement to repair the walls. Sometimes the catastrophe happens during assembly, but often the walls are broken upon opening the box.

When I saw an ad online for Candy Cottage, a reusable plastic structure designed for making decorated holiday houses, I thought, “I’m in.”

Reusable Gingerbread Housecandy-cottage-pretzels


My Christmas tree is fake reusable, so why not have a holiday house that I can use year after year? Heather violently disagrees.

Reusable Candy Cottage

Candy Cottage is made of (non-edible) plastic, and the parts snap together.

Provide your own icing and candies. I’m totally digging the cereal shingle look.


Heather says this non-edible structure is useless to her as her family has a tradition of breaking their cookie houses with a hammer and eating them at the end of the season. We don’t eat our gingerbread houses anyway, so I don’t feel her pain.

While our contributor Karen bakes her gingerbread from scratch to build a magnificent themed house every year, that’s not for me. I’ve been using a Candy Cottage on Amazon.

Where do you stand on baking, decorating, and eating gingerbread houses?


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